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  1. I have the same L&R mastermatic and jars. Only mine came with screw-on lids. I did wonder if they were original or proper since I saw so many for sale with Bakelite lids but they do fit and seal well but don't have L&R printed or stamped anywhere. Those Bakelite lids were probably for convenience and speed and the screw lids for storage. I would be happy to measure mine and post some pictures if that would be of any help to you. Tim
  2. Hi everyone, I've been a member of this most excellent forum for some time now and I'd like to introduce myself properly. My name is Tim and I live in the fingerlakes region of New York state. I became reinterested in watches several years ago and it's been downhill since. Seiko is my preferred brand at present of which I've accumulated a small collection. A mechanic by trade, watch tinkering was sure to soon follow and it did. So, many, many thanks to all of you that I've learned so much from , I hope one day I'll something of value to contribute. And to you Mr. Lovick for your trul
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