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  1. found a working mvmt on e-bay from Japan ? at a decent price so will replace with that then take the original apart and see what happens using your useful data sheet. thanks again B.
  2. HI can anybody suggest a replacement for the 43A Movement i have trawled tinternet til i am blue in the face without any luck. it is a friends watch and i would rather just replace the movement than try to fix it(if it can be fixed) any help would be appreciated.
  3. you are right i have just fitted it to a 2609.HA and the dial feet are bob on! now to get me a case and strap/bracelet etc. probably cheaper to buy a new watch! B
  4. dead right although it would be helpful if distributors etc included info on dial size for what case for what mvt for what hands /stem and crown tap size and on and onnnnnnn. i recently purchased a stem for a Oris i was working on and decided i could do with a Oris crown. when i received it i found it was the wrong tap then i found they (C) DO not supply the crown to fit the stem so i was snookered so give up for now thats my moan for this week. over and out B.
  5. Will do.i have had a quick look at the site and noticed a few queries along those lines so of the few different mvts i have i will find the most suitable for my dial then send them a request for their suggestions then go from there.thanks for your input. B
  6. hi. i to have say i have been interested in various russian movements since i purchased some quite cheaply just to practice on. however i have become keener as i advance and am busy preparing a few for cleaning and servicing. i have noticed that i have identical mvts that have different factory markings! anyway i have this dial i would like to use but although i have plenty of mvts i have no cases. any ideas ? the dial is approx 34mm dia. thanks B
  7. went on you tube and it seems to be the 8200 when i check the parts so i know where they fit now so i can get cleaning and hopefully get it running again! thanks for pointing me in the right direction B.
  8. thanks Nucejoe that gives me something to go on B.
  9. HI Sorry to be a pest but i need help to identify another movement i have no idea about due to losing photos etc as explained in my last post. i dare say there will be a few further requests until i get a proper catalogue together so please bear with me. thanks in advance B.
  10. Thanks please see response to Joe same applies B
  11. You are bob on found a service by Watchguy and straight away recognised it although can not remember buying it! Anyway at least now I know what I am working with. Thanks and Happy Xmas and hopefully a Happier New Year!
  12. HI please could anybody identify this watch movement had a slight mishap with various parts and i also lost photos when i changed my PC due to the others failure even though they were supposed to be held on cloud. so i have no idea what it is. i would appreciate any help if only a starting reference point! thanks B
  13. try WATCHMATERIAL in US. also try M1L00 at STARTIME in US.
  14. trying to find a dial to fit a case to fit a movement toooooooooo!!!
  15. thanks for that watchweasol but they never tell you which way the bendy bit on the spring goes! going for some wine now. report back tomorrow. stay safe.
  16. sorry WatchMaker i had posted the mvt info then i saw your post!
  17. i recently acquired this rotary to practice on and hopefully improve it.i have cleaned and lubed it and more or less put it back together and it is ticking away nicely although i have not yet put it on the timegrapher .however my problem lies with the date ring and the other components.when i took the guard off (carefully i might add) the spring was just lying about and i have not a clue where it goes.can anybody please help?
  18. i ordered from cousins in the end. i settled for EB 8800401T9 which is obviously tap 9.they came in a pack of three which was handy for me, having a few movements. good luck
  19. i have a similar holder which came with a beginners watch tool set i bought to start with.i actually still use most of the tools supplied but careful where! i believe the whole set is still on aliexpress and costs next to nothing.
  20. Sorted it. Fiddled about a bit to get the right size of plastic die then it snuck in. Hallijuh! Thanks B.
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