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  1. get what you are saying about the regulator arm as for the rest that is how it was when i dismantled it.any help with the right positioning of the gears would be most helpful!B
  2. yes i worked it out just after i posted but i had trouble getting it to fit(it seemed a little to long) i then some how bent it and when i tried to pick it up it pinged away across the room so i will have to resort to obtaining a replacement.happy days!B
  3. dismantled a omega 1012 and found out the click spring was unattached and i am unsure how to put it back.any help would be appreciated.no problem with the other parts!B
  4. the dial has 4 feet and has a date window 1cm from centre to window centre and i dont know which movement it was intended for!B.the feet are between 2 and 3 ,5 and 6 ,8 and 9,10 and 11
  5. i have a 31mm sterile dial and would like to obtain a case and then of course a movement.how does one know which case /movement will fit?are there set measurements you need to know or written information available?any help would be appreciated.B.
  6. Yes looked it up. It's a 1908 movement
  7. not sure but is a traveler and i believe a 16s.the dial is 42-43mm.
  8. anybody know where i can obtain blue or black hands for a waltham pocket watch 1.90 x 1.18 at a reasonable price.tried Cousins but they dont seem to have this size and although there seems to be plenty on E-bay they are mostly from the USA with ridiculous postage charges.thanks B.
  9. Just ordered it. Will let you know how I get on. B
  10. the male inner stem seems right but i will need a new female stem as the original is now a little short to fit this movement!they sure dont make it easy do they? thanks for your help.fingers crossed! B.
  11. Further to this post I obtained a 955.412 which came with a normal stem. I tried the original stem but it didn't fit. Tried to look for split stem for this movement but have not had any luck. Any ideas? B.
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