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  1. Should be pretty obvious if it’s the wrong size. You can’t really do any damage and it’s good practice at handling cap jewels. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. Yes, thanks Roger. They arrived today (nice stamps). I finished the watch and just have to give it back to it's owner (unless I can buy it off him). This is not my thread though.
  3. You can buy a bag of assorted end stones. I think it's just a bit of trial and error.
  4. If I was to try re-heating the existing Shellac, what would I use? a soldering iron? How much heat does it need? I don't want the other jewel falling out
  5. I have a loose jewel, as per the title. It's only a spare movement, so I don't want to buy a replacement fork. I don't have, nor have I ever used, Shellac. It's not a route I want to take just for one jewel. The question is, what else can I use to re-fix the jewel. Superglue maybe?
  6. This is the part. Had a bit of trouble uploading the picture!!!
  7. None of those, unfortunately. I think it's called the setting lever axle. It's the thing you push down to release and remove the winding stem. IMG_0175.pdf
  8. Seems to have been a bit of auto-correct going on with the title of this thread. It is of course a Poljot 2409 movement. Any of the 24** series movements will do as well.
  9. Thanks for your help. I know you've helped me out in the past, and it's very much appreciated.
  10. I volunteered to fix a friends watch, sentimental value, inherited from deceased uncle and all that, and of course at the first opportunity, I pinged the setting lever plunger across the room. I've searched everywhere, to no avail. So if anyone has the part or a spare movement they can part with, I would be most grateful. Cheers.
  11. Thanks for everyone's help, especially oldhippy. I managed to get it all back together again. Manipulated the balance spring back into some kind of spring shape, and it's running very nice now. Most important, I learnt a lot for the next one.
  12. Any tips getting these back in position? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  13. Do you think I can separate the two parts without stripping the top half first? If I run the springs down, how would I go about removing them and re-installing after cleaning?
  14. If I removed these clips, would that allow me to separate the dial from the movement?
  15. Thanks. That's what I thought about the alarm hand. I just can't see how the face is fitted to the backplate. I can't see any screws or pins. The dial is free all the way round, except for a point in the twelve o'clock position, midway between the centre and the edge of the face. Could it just be double sided tape or something? although, it doesn't feel like it. I can sort the spring out, no problem. I've found a picture of how it should look.
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