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  1. Until now a tangled hairspring means certain death since I would screw up the untangling for sure. Will try you technic next time
  2. Louie

    Greeting from Bavaria

    Hi from Colone Listen to the advice. Screwed one from my grandpa up beyond repair. Not a very good feeling.
  3. For the stem, a ETA 7750 will fit. You also get the chinese ones in eBay. Crown is a different story. You have to go thru Chinese fake watch dealers.
  4. Doesn't work. I have the same thing but my carpet still eats parts like crazy.
  5. I don't want to discourage you, but you won't get the module to work at least not in the long run. There are iircr about 5 additional wheels which are suppose to transfer the second to the six. There are no additional jewels to reduce drag. The movement is just not strong enough to turn the wheels. Our chinese friends even avoid to properly oil the movement due to the fact that oil introduces additional drag on the wheels thus reducing the available power even further. Try to run the movement without the module on the timegrapher and note the amplitude, then mount the module. You should see a hugh drop in amplitude. I tryed also different things and only a dry module (no oil or whatsoever) kinda worked for a while.
  6. Louie


    Hello everyone I'm the new guy. I'm Lutz from germany and stumbled over this forum while looking for a solution of one of my watch repair problems. Not an native english speaker and not very familiar with the correct terminology I beg your pardon if something I "say" sounds terrible or even offending. OK, Gents I'm off to a lot of reading Regards Lutz
  7. It is my first post in this forum, but I hope I can help out. The solution of your problem is shown on the picture of the movement breakdown. This A7750 has a additional module which redirects the second from the 9 to the 6. These modules are ill constructed and prone to failure. Just assemble the movement but leave the module off and you will finde out that the movement will run great. (at least I hope) The only lasting cure for this module is to remove one of the wheels and so killing the sec at six. It is a well known Problem with replica watches like the Daytona. Excuse my English, I'm not a native speaker.