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  1. Taking it apart

    Hi there I have taken out the drum and placed a photo on here. Have a look and see if you know the make. of the clock. Now to let down the springs but it wont be until its a lot warmer and I can go down to my workshop and make a spring winder about the middle of April my old bones don't like the cold
  2. Taking it apart

    sorry thats a PSD file this one is jpeg sorry ones mo this one did not show
  3. Taking it apart

    no what I call the drum is down by the hammers as in the photo P1010059ab.psd
  4. Taking it apart

    Hi thanks for the reply I have only done this ones before and let the springs down with the key and the help of my wife. I don't have a mainspring winder , What would be the right way to let the springs down . And you refer to the wheels with pins in them the drum as I call it is one piece with a pinion or small cogwheel on the end that moves back and fore for the melodies. And I want to make sure it will play from the start not halfway when I but it back in the clock
  5. Taking it apart

    Hi there could anyone help me. I intend to clean this clock there is no makers name only { patent No 421434 other patents pending } marked on it. It’s got 8 gongs and plays 3 tunes and that’s where I come unstuck its ok taking things apart it’s butting them back together again. I won’t to know how to make sure that the drum goes back in the Wright way. I have but same photos on so you can see the drum and the style of clock Phillip
  6. Ultrasonic Cleaner

    Hi There I just got interested in watch repair and this is my first post. I have a ultrasonic cleaner would it be ok for cleaning watch parts if so what cleaning fluid is recommended Phillip