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  1. But I think that Orient doesn't just because of limited resources. They are a small maker surprised by their own success, maybe their ingombrant owner only allows them to produce and advertise domestically and in the US. And recently someone wrote here that Orient sells parts in the US
  2. I was reading this again and there is no way a .2 strength, 270mm long MS fits into a 9mm barrell. Beside .2 is way too strong especially for a ladie's. That before considering that the smaller height GR lists for holed end is 1.5. So you should measure it again. Woops Nickel "fast fingers" Silver beated me on the finish line!
  3. GR is pretty much the only source that let you buy by size, so just get the closest available.
  4. That is just your unproven believing. The simpler explanation is that in the Western world we have an easy quality alternative with Moebius products. Fact is, the brave material house that tried to bring the Swiss to court has no "restricted" labels when it comes to Seiko parts, and also sells Seiko lubricants and tools, just like so many other sellers in the world. Anway, as they is nothign is new under the sun, below few topics where the matter has been discussed already:
  5. It was 165 but the Chinese machine doubled it, as sometime happens when under 200. Personally I would call it fine and move on with other mov's but if you feel the urge consider inspecting all jewels and pivots under a microscope, using less oil, use 9415 on the pallets, and polish the inner side of the pallets where the impulse jewel touches. The latter is certainly too advanced for a beginner but fair to mention.
  6. To remove the crown apply some heath with soldering gun where it stem screws, grab stem with serrated pliers, and unscrew. I don't know what means to make the crown fully round but it should be doable without removing the stem. 354-130 is the correct P/N.
  7. We had another member recently looking for reassurance about using Seiko lubricants, but no amount of good reasoning prevented him from spending on that. Probably caused by blind faith in written material over relying on other's experience when it comes to a question asked many times on this forum alone. I use 8301 there. A bit messy and natural based, still better than leaving it dry like the factory does.
  8. I don't think you can really pump in oil in there since the air trapped in prevents that. And any oil left on the flat facing the balance is count productive. So the fine applicator is used to push some oil in the hole. That is my understanding at least.
  9. I understand your teacher's position, i think it's not a strictly necessary tool. What the automatic can't replace is the applicator which is a fine round pin for jewels where is difficult or not practical to separate the cap jewel, e.g. the two small diashock on Seiko, or rubbed in.
  10. That an SII PC10 quartz module with markings erased to conceal this secret information. Stem 354.030
  11. With the topic now well derailed let's further entertain ourselves looking at what our Host Mark Lovick, the man than runs and pays for this forum, has to say on the subject.
  12. Have you tried both to make this suggestion? Or at least one?
  13. I have not been scammed but simply reported an attempt. I do not have any other information beside what I wrote above, if you are a victim I can only suggest tnat you contact the relevant law enforcement and financial institutions, good luck recovering your money.
  14. This has often been discussed here, example below. And if you enter "expired" in the search box on the top right you will get even more hits. Also, we have a dedicated section where it's considered polite for new members to introduce themselves.
  15. Youst Just to let you know, Mark Lovick may or may not actively read the forum, if you need to do that contact him please use Private Message. Also, you have posted in the section that is to portrait member's project, for repair questions there is a dedicated section with the same name.
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