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  1. Yes, excessive battery usage is a sign of dried lubrication. Current draw can also be measure with analog multi-meter, to compare with manufacturer specifications. Many quartz modules are more practical and economical to replace than to service.
  2. I would use a fine sanding block, sponge type or paper on wood. A so small difference is done easily, check often the bezel fitting to not remove too much.
  3. Thanks. It is amazing to see artificial materials engineered for properties that aren't even apparent. Unless the factory (in Thailand as observers may have noticed) isn't silently cheating everybody, LOL. Another example is in my new diving snorkel. A (polymer?) membrane under the mouth piece lets water leave, one way. Black magic to me.
  4. I was to say there are no 0.6 stems, thanks for confirming. Good move with the calipers, you may not believe that but we have seen people here refusing to spend such little blessed money.
  5. There are probably more posting on diver's bezels than any other horology subject, anyway: Removal: insert $2 Seiko type knife (any variety) and pry. Do not twist. Fitting: watch and bezel face down on bench, both hands on back, push down with all your weight if needed. If doesn't snap in (very unlikely on old popular pieces) use a snap-back or crystal press. S-14 or equivalent crystal pliers: check eBay. We aren't talking Bergeon robbery here.
  6. I love quality but IMHO cost must be reasonable for the intended (hobbyst) use. So I'm putting the $32 link anyway https://www.aliexpress.com/item/32634442471.html
  7. I agree with all that but the point that I'm trying to make here is that this bag, used in a vitamins bottle, is clearly made of common packaging plastic, not microperforated paper or cloth as commonly see. It's thick and shiny on both sides, leaves no residue when scratched. It is actually stronger than the one I used for single serving sauces, as it cannot be ripped by hand. How it can be permeable to air and moisture is a mistery to me.
  8. The plastic is thick and well sealed, so how can it work? I'm going to leave it in water to check.
  9. Why a stereo microscope is recommended instead of a single lens one? As opposed to the traditional loupe recommended in lieu of a stereo visor? Does anyone know of an especially small and lightweight model?
  10. I am not sure to who you were suggesting that, but if it's our Host Mark Lovick, he is an accomplished watchmaker, author of some hundred excellent YouTube videos, and producer of a complete HD video training. I suggest that you give these a look for a chance of learning one thing or five.
  11. That was said above already. BTW we have a section where it's considered polite for new members to introduce themselves.
  12. It could also be that is slow at the escapement. You could tell with a timegrapher or equivalent application, which is a mandatory tool working with mechanical watches.
  13. Why defeat, is not that much a difficult problem. Not even the tool is expensive. Of course, if you have no good reason to take it apart or aren't comfortable servicing the mov't or doing a restoration, then leave it alone and so be it.
  14. Neither price is expensive and well worth for a valuable watch.
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