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  1. I wanted to add. The 0.60mm is not is in some set, but it's needed e.g. for the HS stud screw. Your watch of today may not have that screw at all, but the next could. So if you get a set that doesn't have it, get is separately. Cousins UK keeps most brands either as a set or individually so you can match them.
  2. What happens with Swiss mov.t is that they make no effort to unify screw sizes, so there are good chances that you will need at least 4 going from 0.60 to 1. 60mm. Ant the other issue is that when anything new shows up you may end doing a poor job because you don't have the right size. So my recommendation is that you buy a set, it does not need to be expensive.
  3. I understand that the OP took apart the mov't and wants to do by himself, maybe that's the first watch mov't he worked on? Unfortunately isn't easy as it seems. Especially the escapement is not easy to work on, it requires experience and a timegrapher or equivalent application to verify acceptable amplitude and pattern. What I can suggest, if one has the patience and will, read the forum about similar problems, that are abundant. But if the object is to get the watch working one can look for a donor wan't or mov't. Also one could fit an 7S26 or even a brand new NH35.
  4. I've looked at the present product (I knew already that it has been the resource for home machining for a century) and while is still very alive and accessible, I was surprised to see how it has zero connection with the contemporary "maker" trend. I didn't expect a full "drones/3D printing/Arduino" kind of magazine but what about evolving a bit from steam locomotives to e.g. moving robots? These are very challenging and the serious ones require machining metal, not plastic. Think battle of robots in the USA, etc. So I'm in two minds if to subscribe, I'm attraced especially by the printed edition. The forum is probably better with many lively discussions, how to start with 2/3D CAD and from there to CAM/CNC, but the forum format is horrible, straight from the 90's for small screens. Call it Old England if you wish...
  5. I find Seiko HS manipulation to be very difficult. When you have a chance, why not posting a video to show your technique to others.
  6. Not really. The end stud is glued and the spring very delicate, attempts to mess with it most likely ends badly. The balance assembly is sold as "complete" only for good reasons, its construction does not allow in practice to take apart staff, roller jewel, stud and without damage, and put them back with precision, as you can read reported above. That you use an A balance, or B/C one replacing the balance cock also. I have seen -but not tried- non-original balances on Ebay going for very little. If you want to try anyway for practice I can send you parts for free but with a bad hairspring.
  7. I recommend against that for user as screwdriver because it's way too fat and heavy, proper watchmakers driver are thin and light to get a good feeling. Cousins UK have "value" which means copied with attention. Same has Ofrei. I used Indian drivers for years without any problem on Seiko, but that's because these have wider slots than Swiss. Now I'll be getting some brand drivers when bought individually they aren't even that expensive. Very good ones are France made, A*F and others I'm sure can be found for a discount. Then I treated myself to the below, Ebay 202315546239, very nice finishing, handy dressing stone and a storage for blades. It's much better than a flimsy plastic chrome rotating stand that comes with cheap sets.
  8. I think now these are for Rolex indeed. Few sizes, some very close to the next, including a 31.2mm
  9. The "luxury dies" set comes adapters. https://www.aliexpress.com/item/32794479036.html It would be really simple to fit a screw into a plastic or wood bushing. it is normal to solve this kind of small problems when repairing watches or anything else.
  10. With a lathe I can now precisely modify or start making my own tools. Milled the corners to a proper shape and now it grabs a lot more securely. The Taig milling attachment is a great, just as the seller is, Nick of cartertools.com
  11. As VWatchie wrote since it's from the "value" line that is India,or China. Specifically that is a Chainda 5500-A, which can be bough for $100 on AliX, Vs. £132 on Cousins. https://www.aliexpress.com/item/33014787414.html As mentioned, you need to search on AliX, not Google. 20pcs (delrin? nylon?) dies $5 https://www.aliexpress.com/item/20pcs-Watch-Back-Press-Fitting-Dies-Watch-Repair-Kit-Round-and-Rectangular-LL/32795242094.html 25pcs alumium dies $28 https://www.aliexpress.com/item/32345297702.html There a few more variants. M6 is M6, they all fit.
  12. I must add, one exception is Cousins UK. They know the in and out of all they sell. Today I asked about three variations of a balance complete and they updated the website in an hour.
  13. He means that rotates relative to the spindle. If you pay attention in your picture you see the upper die support being a bit tilted one side, that is because it's free to move, as it couldn't be otherwise. It's pointless to push sellers for much technical data, they are sellers not watchmakers. Once again I suggest that you go for the other type, the price in the 1st link you included is robbery and the design is, after all, outdated.
  14. Correct, I'm sure readers can appreciate a detailed discussion with the reasons why something is good or not. Also I agree with your recommendation about using a double-handed, four-points hand wrench, that can be a good alternative to a bench opener, but will require a vise and a good holder - see below. Since these have become kind of rare, here two links for buying new Chinese from Cousins £22.95+ VAT and S&H https://www.cousinsuk.com/product/double-handed-up-to-060mm Same from AliX $27 https://www.aliexpress.com/item/32862783435.html - I'm thinking of getting one myself. And, to demonstrate how Brand and Price do not necessarily equate to function and practically, here's something that i think is really stupid. https://www.cousinsuk.com/product/straight-double-arm-up-to-054mm-bergeon-polygonal After speeding £150 must be deluding to learn that a 2 points hand-held will easily slip and scratch the case-back. Common issues with all these is holding the watch tight. Forget about plastic and metal holders with round posts, the watch will always push up and leave. What really works for me is a wooden one https://www.aliexpress.com/item/32995883552.html
  15. Just found about that site, very interesting project. Especially I liked "WatchGuy" posting CNC files for those lucky ones that are in a position to use'em. Have you your parts uploaded?
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