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  1. Much Mike the smiths and the Ingersoll pocket watches, you can drop them on the floor and they will still go. I've loads of them.
  2. I have one in a gold plated, case, nice watches, and it's still working. Mine like most of mine was bought as a non runner.
  3. Hi yes, parts for these watches are readily available, any good watch part suppliers will have them. If not there is good old Ebay, lots of good spare and repairs out there.
  4. We've all been board recently, well some of us have, so when I was offered a ships 8 bells that was a non runner, I was jumping up and down. Well I was until I opened it up, oh teeth on the rachet wheel missing, mainspring, and to make it worse something I'd not really come across very often, the barrel hook for the mainspring had distorted the barrel to such a point that had bowed out ond was jamming the 2nd wheel. So not an easy fix, so I had to file the barrel down to get it to pass the 2nd wheel, repair the end of the mainspring, rebush the barrel give it a good service and its
  5. Found a looping alarm clock in a draw, had it for a lot of years. I did think I would get it running and sell it,but for what I would get for it in today's market I would rather keeping iit. How much would a quality mechanical 8 day travel alarm, leather bound, does any make such a thing now days. So ive cleaned and serviced it, polished up the brass bezel polished up the leather case and its a lush piece that I will use again. I had a look on the Internet at a new replacement, I found one new one at rrp £1995.. Or one at $5995.
  6. Thanks all for your thoughts. As luck would have it, the cannon pinions and wheels were all there, I made up a new post for the cannon pinion, managed to file down the hand setting to make it the same size as the winding square. The watch goes like a train, gains 4 minutes a day, so I'm not complaining, also I found a new loop and made up the pusher for opening up the back. I know it wasn't really worth doing, I just did it because......
  7. I must be mad, I found one of those ladies silver fob watches in a draw earlier today, you know the sort of thing, there are hundreds of them around, you usually see them at most of the antique center's. Anyway I was board so I thought have a quick look, I found one, it's not be looked at for donkeys years. The bow and pusher was missing, the one you push to open the back so that you can wind the watch, and the the center post and hand settings square was missing, oh blast can I be doing with it, apart from the fact that it's probably 140 years old, I'm sure it will be worn out. I'm
  8. Would anyone have a ELMA Leak Controller that they would be interested in selling. I had one a couple of years ago, I was persuaded to to sell it, but wish I hadn't.
  9. Well never have I been so glad to find a broken watch in a draw, and it was a half decent watch. It was one that I had been using as a donor, so basically everything thing that was of any use had been removed. So click spring, rotor assembly, balance cock and wheel, winding wheel, screws, stem and crown, and to make matters worse when I took the cannon pinion off I broke the centre seconds wheel pivot when I was removing the cannon pinion. So the case isn't perfect but. It now runs and keeps time, so I'm happy that I found something to do. OK the strap probably isn't the bes
  10. Thanks all for your thoughts. I live in the UK, the repairs I do are the repairs that do are revived by post most days. That means that while I am doing repairs I am telling people that we are open, the public then goes out to make a special journey to the post office and then has contact with the people at the post office and any one else who happened to be in the area at the the time. I then have to go to the post office to collect the mail and talk to every one at the post office, I then have to go into the shop to do the repairs were there is no social distancing as the
  11. I'm self employed like a number of people in the watch repair trade. I work in a shop, which I have to drive to. Stupid question, if I don't interact with anyone is it safe to go out, or am I supposed to stay at home. The other people at the shop will be going in.
  12. Hoping that you can help, I wouldn't normally bother but it's one of my own , and it's quiet . Cheers. Tony.
  13. Morning all, I have a ingersol wristwatch, I'm fixing up a strap loop at the moment as mine was missing. I'm hoping that someone out there will be able to help me get a balance wheel for mine, as the hair spring is broken, yes I've looked online , Ebay etc. Thanks . Tony.
  14. Thanks all for your comments. Yes it's a German striking clock, count wheel, there was so much wrong with it, as with replacing the spring, bent teeth, the hole for the pin to keep the minute hand on was missing, so I had to drill that out then sort the hands out. I did find out who made the clock, I will see if I can find it again. I think I've got another picture of the door as I'm progressing.
  15. Did I read that correctly, omega said that they wouldn't service it because you didn't have any original paperwork. As for the case refer, there is loads of people all over the world doing it. As for it as it stands, I had one in a similar condition, I cleaned it serviced it gave the case a polish and its looking good, no original paperwork needed...
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