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  1. Got a couple of Smiths watches from Ebay, thought ide take a chance and see what they were like. The bigger of the two the divers one, case was very good , although movement needed a lot of work. Bolt piece broken, and it's a strange affair, center wheel & center wheel needed replacing, new crown and stem , and it's a goer. I had to alter a bezel I had, by under cutting it on the lathe to make it fit over the step on the case, it will do until I find something more in keeping. The smaller one, the case isn't in the best of condition, and the movement, well I'm not sure about that yet, as it needs , well balance and load of things, so I'm not sure what to do with that one yet, unless someone has a bezel for it.
  2. Russian watch , crown problem

    Yes it's a nice watch, most of the ones I've seen on ebay the plating doesn't survive well. Anyway I dicided ide see if I could fix it, so I pulled out the stem, found a spring that fitted inside the pendant tube and just lot enough to reach the crown and bobs your uncle, no more wobbly crown .
  3. I have just got one of these waterproof russian watches, it has a bezel on it a anchor on the dial. Does anyone know where I can get a replacement screw down Crown, as the one that is on the watch the spring has gone on it, and it just flops around when its unscrewed. The picture isn't the exact watch, but it's near enough. Thanks
  4. My birthday present arrived today, been looking for ages.
  5. ETA 2892 A2

    I have to say, I didn't think there was anything special about the movement, apart from the awful an to winding mechanism. The watch was pritty straight forward, not cheap now a days either, and the price will only go up now that ETA have decided to stop suppling them in the next few years. It's made I know, I put one in a fake rolex, the case and the bracelet were so well made , that I couldn't help myself.
  6. Amazing collection will, mine is nothing like your's, mime is from the cylinder fobs through early American waltham 's right through to the Smiths pocket watches. I'm hoping other people will post pictures of there albert chains to give me some insperation to design something else.
  7. No doubt like a lot of you out there you've a pocket watch or two some where, I've a couple knocking around. I've a few albert chains that I use with them with different catches and chains on. I thought I would have a go at making up something that I could use and wear daily with trousers, I think I've mastered it. No doubt all you clever people have all got your own ideas and version's, I'd love to see your take on the albert chain.
  8. vulcan Lemania clock

    Even if you can`t get one there are a few people around who can turn a staff for you , without charging a fortune. I have a clock from a Hawker Hurricane, some where in the house, i made up a stand for it so that i could use it as an every day house. Yours looks very nice
  9. 8 day chiming clock

    Managed to get a picture
  10. 8 day chiming clock

    Just picked up a 8 day chiming wall clock, not Expensive, ws told it was a runner, got it back home, not a runner, but what did I expect. Filthy dirty when I had a look inside the case, so it needs a good clean and a service. Just wondered what the going rate is now days, I have seen the same type of clocks in jewellers for about £300 new, how much is everyone paying for a service.
  11. Omega dial

    Well i`ve done what i set out to do, i`ve changed the hands to something a bit more inkeeping ,i`ve filled in the end of the battons with luminious paint as it should be , and i`m going to where it, ive since changed the seconds hand for a chrome one to match. In the old days i would have had it restored, it its not worth the £200 + V Soni wanted last time i asked the to do a dial for me.
  12. Omega dial

    Well firsty, don`t do it after you`ve been drinking. The hardest thing i had to get over was finding a spray paint with a fine spray of paint, i tried loads before i found one. I just kept cleaning the dial, with thinners then i used a a brush to finish it. i did not remove the batons, i just gave it a couple of passes with the can. after an hour before the paint had fully hardened i just simply removed the paint from the batons. Its not purfect but it makes it a bit more wareable than before, and its i know its supposed to have a black dial with delphine hands,,,,,,,,,,, one day..
  13. Well i could`nt resist it another Omega that needs to be done up, i won`t go into it all. The picures are not the best, but anyway dial as it arrived, dial after i cleaned it up just to see what it looked like, with another set of tempary hands, awfull i know. i had polished the case up, to give it a bit of a shine, i was going to get someone to restore the dial, but prices have sky rocketed the last few years. so in a drunked state last night i thought i`d have a go.
  14. Basic silver soldering tools

    I`ve draws and draws full of tools that i`ve either used once or bought because i thought they might be usefull. Ive got a dial foot repair tool , never used ,special soldiers for any and all types of metal from alliminum to stainless steel, tools welders, i just like tools. So if you`ve the time Roy buy it and have a go.
  15. Heuer stopwatch

    Have you any pictures, as i have an old heuer stop watch