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  1. Yet another fake Omega on Ebay, or am I wrong
  2. I have an old pocket watch, as above , sold by Dobson and son at 32 picadilly, London. I was trying to find if I could get a picture of the business when it was going, or a news paper clipping or something. I have not been able to find anything, except when they were at the address. In 1877 the firm's name changed to Dobson & Sons when Thomas William Dobson (born 1824) and Henry Holmes Dobson II (born 1826) entered into the partnership. At the death of Henry Holmes Dobson II (1886) the business was continued by Thomas William Dobson until his death in 1905. Hope someone can help with a picture or a link, cheers.
  3. I put a post a while ago about this pocket watch I had got from Ebay, bought a a spares or repair, they should had simply said, " it's dead ,it's never going to go again", and I wouldn't have got it. But I did, it's one of the H.williamson English lever pocket watchs, so I liked it, as I said, I'd had a plan , I had another movement, I had another dial, I found in a box, one of the black military dials. Put it in the case, I was quite happy with it,,,,, but it just was not quite right, , the case numbers did not match up ' obviously ' with the dial. So I just had to have another look at the original movement. Just on the dial side plate everything was broken ,botched or missing, from the broken steel screws in the plate , broken pallet guard screws, end stone's, jewell holes, missing parts to the winding. Well a month and a half later, it's running, new pallets, balance wheel, escape wheel, new crown, new hands,,,,,OMG....
  4. I've just put a battery in a Rado jubilee watch. It's the first Rado fake if seen , unless I'm wrong, it's got a epson quartz movement in. Am I wrong.
  5. antonyh


    Never used Alum before, got a couple of broken screws I'm hoping to remove, how do I mix it ,is it best hot or cold. I know it's not worth doing, but I'm deturmed to give it go.
  6. antonyh

    Military pocket watch

    This is the movement 9.
  7. Well a while ago I got one of the Williamson pocket watches, a non runner, spares, for spares, no hands on the dial, so I had to guess a bit on the sort of hands it had, from a few books I had. Then on Ebay I see yet another spares or repairs, non runner, But this one has hands, see picture, I thought at leat I will know. Yes another watch that is only suitablefor spares, but the hands are all I'm interested in. It's possible some of you may have even seen it or bid on it, trust me ,case included, it was bad. Anyway, hands are quite unique, dished hands fI'll ed with luminous paint, never come across this before. Has anyone else have anything similar, watch dates from 1st world war.
  8. antonyh

    Junghans striking clock

    Well as for replacing the pins on the 2nd wheel, the hole where the pins are was really simple, I used a sharp pair of tweezers open the hole up and simply pushed the new pins in. On this one occasion I had to soldier them in, but only because, the collet was loose on the wheel. There is usually enough brass to push over the pins.
  9. antonyh

    Junghans striking clock

    Would I like a mantle clock the man said, sure I said, I've had it for years. Not knowing anything about it , I said I'd give him something for it, not expecting too much I didn't think any thing about it, the next day I bumped into him again and he gave me a plastic Box. Well I can now understand why he wanted to get rid of it, lanturn pinions, lots of the pins missing and broken, the collet on the 2nd wheel on the strike was loose, I couldn't understand at first while I was winding it up that the clock seamed to be getting worse. So after sorting all that out replacing the missing springs , fixing the strike faults, it's now running like a dream. Just thought I'd share it with you.
  10. Got a couple of Smiths watches from Ebay, thought ide take a chance and see what they were like. The bigger of the two the divers one, case was very good , although movement needed a lot of work. Bolt piece broken, and it's a strange affair, center wheel & center wheel needed replacing, new crown and stem , and it's a goer. I had to alter a bezel I had, by under cutting it on the lathe to make it fit over the step on the case, it will do until I find something more in keeping. The smaller one, the case isn't in the best of condition, and the movement, well I'm not sure about that yet, as it needs , well balance and load of things, so I'm not sure what to do with that one yet, unless someone has a bezel for it.
  11. antonyh

    Russian watch , crown problem

    Yes it's a nice watch, most of the ones I've seen on ebay the plating doesn't survive well. Anyway I dicided ide see if I could fix it, so I pulled out the stem, found a spring that fitted inside the pendant tube and just lot enough to reach the crown and bobs your uncle, no more wobbly crown .
  12. I have just got one of these waterproof russian watches, it has a bezel on it a anchor on the dial. Does anyone know where I can get a replacement screw down Crown, as the one that is on the watch the spring has gone on it, and it just flops around when its unscrewed. The picture isn't the exact watch, but it's near enough. Thanks
  13. My birthday present arrived today, been looking for ages.
  14. antonyh

    ETA 2892 A2

    I have to say, I didn't think there was anything special about the movement, apart from the awful an to winding mechanism. The watch was pritty straight forward, not cheap now a days either, and the price will only go up now that ETA have decided to stop suppling them in the next few years. It's made I know, I put one in a fake rolex, the case and the bracelet were so well made , that I couldn't help myself.