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  1. Thanks all for your comments. Yes it's a German striking clock, count wheel, there was so much wrong with it, as with replacing the spring, bent teeth, the hole for the pin to keep the minute hand on was missing, so I had to drill that out then sort the hands out. I did find out who made the clock, I will see if I can find it again. I think I've got another picture of the door as I'm progressing.
  2. Did I read that correctly, omega said that they wouldn't service it because you didn't have any original paperwork. As for the case refer, there is loads of people all over the world doing it. As for it as it stands, I had one in a similar condition, I cleaned it serviced it gave the case a polish and its looking good, no original paperwork needed...
  3. I picked up a very very cheap German striking clock the other day, well I thought it was cheap. The movement has been a pig from start to finish, still not happy with it, I couldn't get a mainspring strength wise to what I wanted, as in the modern springs in the equivalent thickness are so much stronger. I've had to take the case basically to pieces, just to put it back together. The clock is circa 1900, so the case had 100 years of dirt and old varnish on, and I mean really dirty, I'm thinking it's been in a smokers house. I have used a combination of methalated spirit's, wax and this wounder full stuff called brish on French polish, and sadolin wood stain. Unfortunately I didn't take any before pictures,this was taken just as I was working on the door, but you will get the idea. I'm still working on the rest of the case, just doing bit by bit, as I'm in no rush
  4. I just wondered if anyone has one of these rubbishy old sekonda watches lying around any where, or if you have seen one. The dial and hands have seen better days. Yes it is a Sekonda. Any help greatly appreciated. Thanks all.
  5. Just for a bit of fun , guess what this one went for.....
  6. I'm not sure what the ubove post is referring to but. I've just come across a 1970s /1930s fake/ replica omega wristwatch. It's in good order, tv shape nice running movement. I'm exited about putting it on Ebay, I will try and take a picture for you all. We will see , purly out of interest to see what it makes, and who buys it.
  7. I despare sometimes, there was a fake Omega Seamaster, you know one of those rubbish gents gold plated ones the ones with the hallmark on the back of the case jobs. He listed it as ............ Vintage 'OMEGA SEAMASTER' GENTS WRISTWATCH with Date In 'Omega' CASE which needs attention. Watch In PERFECT WORKING ORDER 'Antimagnetic' with good condition Strap BUT - Advised as not believed to be genuine PLEASE USE PHOTOS AS YOUR DESCRIPTION... do you know he got 34 bids , and it sold for £151 . is it me, am I getting it wrong somewhere, I'll have to rummage through my draws, as I'm sure I've got some fake watches somewhere.
  8. Hello all, I've just got hold of a watch, the movement is marked Aero, I have looked through the Best fit book, but can find no reference to them at all. I'm assuming the are made under another name. I'd be greatfull if someone could help me identify the movement, reason being is I need a bolt spring, long shot I know, but stranger things have happened. Thanks all. Tony.
  9. Just a quick add on for those who are interested in the black slate clocks. I kept looking at my clock top and back of the clock case, all white in places, the top was awful where people had put things on, cleaned it with various cleaners, so it was pretty bad. So I thought I'd try some of tha Curator, not used it before, OMG what a transformation. So easy to use as it's water based, use gloves when your using it.
  10. Hello all, I can't find the technical sheet for the above movement, I've tried cousins and ranft, but no luck. I've also tried esa and eta. Hope you can help. Thanks.
  11. Well, when I wanted one, cousins would be my first stop, all you need is the numbers. Then there's ebay , again just put in the case number, also it will give you a good idea of what you've got.
  12. Thanks for the interest, the clock case is made from good old Belgian calcite, heavy as anything. Made up the pendulum and the clock is going fine now, thanks. Japy fees mark says 1855, but I'm guessing 1870-1880 that the clock was made.
  13. I know it's not slate or marble, but every will know the sort of clock I'm referring to , anyway. I brought one at a car boot sale, just can't resist a broken clock with bits missing, the fact is you always learn something along the way. So it's was missing a hand , not a problem, pendulum, not too much of a problem with the fact is you can just pick up a catalogue now days. And the fine regulator for the pendulum, , well I now now the diffence between the brocot and the vattet suspension system. So after much searching through my boxes of stuff , I found one and with a little work ,, it's now as it should. I will get round to posting a picture of the case, but as with a lot of these clocks the cases get damaged easily. . In the meantime I'm sure there's a few of you that will share your pictures.
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