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  1. The wheel did move a little while I was adjusting the pawls, but not long enough to move the hands. The index wheel moves freely when the pawls are removed.
  2. Well, I found the whole thing very interesting, I ended up stripping all the coils and assembly, I'm amazed how basic the design is. It's basically one pawl attached to the tuning fork and a static one attached to the upper plate. I thought I had a microscope, but when I went to use it the computer said it doesn't work with windows 10, dam and blast. Anyway after spending the afternoon with 2 eye glasses strapped to my head, I've decided that the index wheel is the problem, it does still buzz, but the wheel does not carry on going. I have enjoyed doing it, its been an
  3. Thanks all for your input and the information. I've been reading all I can about them, including the manuals, the index wheel for me is the most important part, and trying not to damage it, I have cleaned it by following other people's ideas, ultrasonic cleaning it without touching the wheel. As for the driving pawls, I'm not touching them or the coils. As for will it go afterwards, it is in the hands of the gods, the movement hasn't been touched in forever, really dirty and gummed up. The coil did make a noise when I first got it, but that doesn't mean it was working c
  4. I'm sure periodically someone asks about repairing the Repairing F300 Omega and such like tuning fork watches, can anyone recommend anyone. I know that there expensive, I've got to wonder if it worth having it done. In the meantime I've stripped mine down in the hope that it would be possible to get it going again without taking the coils and assembly apart. Thanks all.
  5. I have been given this watch recently, it's of no value at all really, but I decided that I would get it working again, if I could. Balance staff was in 2 pieces, lower jewel was smashed and the movement was totally gummed up. Good old Ebay got me a staff £8.00 and after a lot of searching through my box of jewels I actually found one that was close, so after opening up the setting with a brooch and pushing the new jewel in place we were a step closer. Unfortunately I'd run out of cleaning fluid, my own fault, so believe it or not I had to get out the Pegwood and clean it the
  6. I'm just wondering how you have done it, can you do a complete dial. I've recently been using my printer to do a couple of dials, using HD photo paper with adhesive backing to great effect. I have also seen others using water print papers.
  7. Not too sure why my posts get moved to the chat-about-watches-the-industry. As it was a walk through on one of my watches.
  8. Well the next step was the movement once I've cleaned up an got rid of all the rust from the inside if the case and case ring. I had a couple of the eta 2472 movement's in various states of repair, I found one with the auto work intact, so I thought I'm in luck. So I cleaned and serviced it changed the date ring over and got it running, only to find out the the crown wheel and castle wheels where worn out, probably because had been wound but hand most of its life. The movement after I'd straightened the hairspring timed it I. Is now running like a dream. I'm just waiting
  9. A little while ago I put a post on about a case I was thinking about have repaired. Why I'm not sure why, I was given it by an old friend, since then a lots happened, I unbelievably have found a case on EBAY, I'm hoping it's as good as the pictures. The movement is my next challenge, it's got water in it, as a lot of them did, so it's not brilliant, and the auto work is missing. The case back, looks like it's seen better days, but get the drill out and, hay presto.
  10. Hi everyone I have a Nivana gold plated case, OK so it was once a nice gold plated, but over the years sweat and acid has eaten into the case. Does anyone know where I might get it re done and brought back to life, I know its not really worth it, but I would like it done if possible, as it was given to me by a friend.
  11. I was trying not to buy myself a, watch, then this one came up, oddly enough I couldn't belive that I was the only person bidding on it, so I ended up buying it. I still can't believe that no one else did. So the watch is yes and omega calibre 26.5t3, for those who will want to know the exact model. OK so the back looked like a 10 year old had been trying to open it with a pen knife. The crown is awful, not original and so beaten around I'm surprised it even would up,so it needs a bit of TLC. Its going to need a good service, mainspring as looking at the old one some one has
  12. Much Mike the smiths and the Ingersoll pocket watches, you can drop them on the floor and they will still go. I've loads of them.
  13. I have one in a gold plated, case, nice watches, and it's still working. Mine like most of mine was bought as a non runner.
  14. Hi yes, parts for these watches are readily available, any good watch part suppliers will have them. If not there is good old Ebay, lots of good spare and repairs out there.
  15. We've all been board recently, well some of us have, so when I was offered a ships 8 bells that was a non runner, I was jumping up and down. Well I was until I opened it up, oh teeth on the rachet wheel missing, mainspring, and to make it worse something I'd not really come across very often, the barrel hook for the mainspring had distorted the barrel to such a point that had bowed out ond was jamming the 2nd wheel. So not an easy fix, so I had to file the barrel down to get it to pass the 2nd wheel, repair the end of the mainspring, rebush the barrel give it a good service and its
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