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  1. Hello everyone, I know I have seen topics on this, but for anyone who has taken this distance course can you tell me the topics that each lesson covers? I know that there are 12, but they don't tell you exactly what the topics are on the website. Also I am located in the USA and was wondering if anyone knows if you have to go to the UK for certain tests? I have read on the website that you can take some in your home country and some you have to go to the UK for, but I am not sure if any of the exams from the 12 lessons require you to travel there. Thanks
  2. Hello everyone, I have a quick question on the video i referenced above. At the end Mark discussion about dynamic poising. He shows seven different positions results but at the end he just has three which is dial up, Pendant Down and Pendant forward(which im assuming is pendant up). My question is are you only supposed to adjust the watch in other positions to ultimately have these three positions the only ones that matter? Other question is what are the most important positions you should adjust for when it comes to wrist watches and pocket watches? I think I might be spending way to much time worrying about adjusting other positions on watch when i really dont have to be. I also know it all depends on the type of watch but if someone could give me like their general rules when it comes to this that would be great. Thanks
  3. Hello everyone, I just received an omega 861 chronograph in for service that needs a new pusher and also to be cleaned. When I was in school they never taught chronographs and this is my first I have ever received. So my question is, since there isn't a walk through video, how hard is this chronograph to service? I really want to service this, but I dont want to get in to deep with this. Should i just have them send it to a service center or should i tackle it?
  4. Hi everyone, I seem to be getting a lot of requests these days to repair Elgin 18s from the late 1800's. Almost all of them have the pivot holes worn out, I tend to not take on these kind of jobs because the one thing I don't know how to do is add new bushings to the movements. Any advise or help would be awesome, because I hate to turn these jobs down, but I know you cant fix everything. Thanks
  5. 140 is dial up, i will get the readings for you a little bit later and yest the regulator is in the middle
  6. Yes its a Universal Geneve 541 17j womens watch. Its running really fast, +140. I have fully serviced it, it has great amplitude.
  7. Hello everyone, I have a question on poising a watch that does not have balance screws. I received a watch for service and the balance wheel has drill holes from the last watch repair person who poised it. My question is is that it is running fast now and I was wondering how do you slow it down. Thanks
  8. I think I figured it out that it is the mainspring because I let down the power andvslowly started winding it and the knocking sound started closer to when it is fully wound. The weird thing is that the amplitude is around 270 when fully wound and I would expect that if the mainspring was too powerful that it would be well into the 300's
  9. So I have a bulova pocket watch I am working on and it makes a knocking sound only when the watch is dial side up. The mainspring is correct so it's not the strength causing the knocking. The finger guard is good, no cracks on any of the jewels. It's really hard obviously to observe the escapement under my microscope while in dial side up to see what's going on, any tricks would be helpful.
  10. Hello everyone, I had someone contact me about servicing a Seiko 6R15 automatic. I have serviced a number of automatics but yet to have a seiko or any seiko mechanical watches on my bench. Is this movement going to cause a headache or is it pretty straight forward like any other automatic? Thanks
  11. Hello everyone, Anyone have any experience servicing a Longines 22A? Any pointers or tricks i should know about and does anyone know where to get a technical document or oiling chart? Thanks
  12. Hello everyone, I just installed a new friction fit balance staff into a hamilton pocket watch and it has no end shake. Is using a pivot burnisher the best way to reduce the height of the staff? Also should I reduce the pivot on both sides or is one side good enough? And as always I am open to suggestions and tips on this process.Thanks
  13. Does anyone have a diagram or a website or anything that would help to know if the regulator on a wrist watch is perfectly centered when there are no tick marks that you see on pocket watches. I'm trying dynamic poisin for the first time on a watch that doesn't have those marks and I want to know if the regulator is centered or not. I'm guessing it is as simple as moving the regulator so it is perfectly centered on the balance cock. Thanks
  14. Figured out this problem it was because there was some old oil on the balance cap jewel. I was having troubles removing the stripguard, but once i was able to remove it, clean it and oil it everything is now working.
  15. So I solved this issue, someone sent me the hamilton 747 service bulletin and it says to put a screw driver in the slot and turn counter clockwise and it will release the cap jewel. I did it last night and it worked so problem solved.
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