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  1. Timing Machine Reading

    Figured out this problem it was because there was some old oil on the balance cap jewel. I was having troubles removing the stripguard, but once i was able to remove it, clean it and oil it everything is now working.
  2. Hamilton 747 Balance Jewel

    So I solved this issue, someone sent me the hamilton 747 service bulletin and it says to put a screw driver in the slot and turn counter clockwise and it will release the cap jewel. I did it last night and it worked so problem solved.
  3. Hamilton 747 Balance Jewel

    I did clean and oil it, but im experiencing some issues with the watch that I believe, not removing the cap jewel, is causing it.
  4. Hamilton 747 Balance Jewel

    I had the same thoughts myself and did try that, but i think i was being too careful not to break it, but im going to give it one more try. Thanks for the help i appreciate it.
  5. Timing Machine Reading

    I did soak it in one dip for a while and then oiled it from the bottom of the jewel. Which I had suspicions that my other question I asked is probably the problem as everything else looks fine.
  6. Hamilton 747 Balance Jewel

    Thats what I thought too kinda like a Kif spring, but it wont move. Not sure I'm trying as hard because I wasn't 100% sure I was suppose to move it. Any recommendations as to what you would use to remove it? Thanks
  7. Does anyone know how to remove the cap jewel from a Hamilton 747 balance? Im thinking you have to remove the stripguard, but not 100% sure.
  8. Anyone have any information on what this reading on my timing machine could be? This watch is a hamilton 747 and I have cleaned and oiled it, looked at it under my microscope and it is clean, no jewels are cracked. I have demagnetized it, the hairspring is perfectly clean and it is not rubbing against anything. I cant figure it out so any help would be great. Thankse
  9. Eta2892 Automatic question

    I did wind it 30 times at 12:00 so it has been running now for 4 and a half hours keeping accurate time. I will let you know in 30 - 40 hours how it did. The amplitude from the balance looks very strong and once i get to my bench i will put it on my timing machine and can let you know. At this point i think it has to do with the reversing wheel or the bearings and am leaning towards the reversing wheel. Are there any list of problems that you could think that would point to it being the reversing wheel?
  10. Eta2892 Automatic question

    could this also be a problem with the reverse wheel? Seeing that if I wind it manually it is running with no problems.
  11. Eta2892 Automatic question

    Thanks, Im leaning more towards it is the mainspring if anything.
  12. Eta2892 Automatic question

    Thanks, so i asked the customer if he wears it everyday and his response was "I was not wearing it everyday for a few weeks. When it was really hot here a few weeks ago I took it off. It was probably off for 10 days. Then started wearing it everyday again for my trip. Wore it 5 or 6 days before it stopped". I asked him if it was running when he had it off for the 10 days and he said no.
  13. I have a question about the ETA2892 automatic movement, this has happened with the same customer. He calls me every four months to say that his watch has stopped. As soon as i get it i wind it manually and it works with no problems. Well he just called me and its been probably about 3 to 5 months since last time his watched stopped. I wind the watch 30 times and it runs with no problems. I just asked him if he ever winds the watch manually and he says he never does he just allows the movement of his write to wind it daily. My question is does anyone know how long the power reserve would last if someone never manually winds an automatic and just lets the power of his or her wrist wind it daily. Thanks
  14. Epilame Question

    So I have been getting a couple of watches back that are running perfectly fine after I service them and then a couple of months go by and the clients call me up to say they either stopped running or they are running too slow or too fast. Could i be because I am not using Epilame on the cap jewels that the oil is spreading and causing these problems? I just find it funny that they run perfectly fine when i put them on my timing machine and then i happen to get them back. Thanks
  15. Stuck Screw Back

    Ive used the two prong and three prong watch wrench, a rubber ball and a suction tool. I'm not at my bench so i cant provide a picture right now.