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  1. Well, I'm glad I can say that I started the most popular thread on here, it was originally called "Watch of the day" a parody of "match of the day" which was a UK football (soccer show) but someone in their infinite wisdom changed the thread name to "Watch of today" instead. Glad this thread is thriving and will post some more of my beauties soon. ;-)
  2. I've been very busy lately, so nothing new has been coming off my workbench unfortunately although I do have a pile of watches to work on. :( I hope to get back to that in the new year but Autumn, Winter and the beginning of Spring are my busiest times of the year so I get much less time to pursue my various hobbies. So does anyone wear a Christmas or event watch today? I am wearing this today, it might not be everyone's cup of tea but I like it. I wear it maybe once or twice a year but I think I forgot about it last year and wore somethinbg else instead. Rolex President Day/Date 18k R
  3. As promised, the watch I wore whilst travelling to UK, this is ideal for dual time zones. A Rolex GMT Master II from 2005.
  4. Just got back from a buying and visiting relatives trip to the UK, I wore just 1 watch the whole time I was there, will post some pics later. @perpetual92 I love your 1993 Rolex Datejust, it's a beautiful watch! Shouldn't your nickname be *perpetual93* though or do you have a 92 model as well and are just holding out on us? Lots of other cool and interesting watches have been posted whilst I've been away. As always, keep them coming!
  5. Today a Bulova I've just finished working on, it still needs the bracelet cleaning.
  6. Today I chose a Fossil Blue watch as my watch of the day.
  7. It is a Canon Rebel model but cannot remember which. My wife runs a local news site for our town as a hobby and has commandeered it for when she wants to take photos from a tripod rather than a cellphone. Ebay probably has lots of these up for grabs though.
  8. I found a couple of very similar Waltham movements while going through some stuff earlier. Funnily enough as a child I grew up right next door to the village of Waltham in the UK which is famed for its windmill and for its airfield RAF Waltham / Grimsby and former home to the 100 squadron. I'm guessing Waltham in Massachusetts derived its name from there and hence the Waltham Watch Company.
  9. Happy to help! I actually took the pics with a Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge cellphone due to ease and convenience, you can see it in the reflection if you look closely. Although that said, cellphone cameras have come a long way in the past few years and the cellphone is a higher megapixel picture that the older Canon SLR digital camera that I have and never really use much anymore.
  10. I'll see you and raise you 3 more fake Rolex watches, a fake Louis Vuitton, a fake Patek Philippe and 2 Fake Tag Heures! All of this rubbish actually runs. I know I have more of this fake garbage floating around, some of the ones I can't find are automatics but I can't remember where I put them.
  11. It is possible that you can get that exchanged for a good fiver, not really worth the effort but the Bank of England will replace them most times if you have over 50% of the original note. Technically there is a potential 2 quid profit there. :) More info HERE. I doubt that is why people are bidding for it though.
  12. Nice watch, hopefully you can pass it on too! I like the dial on yours, mine actually needs a new crystal to show the dial off better as it has darkened with age. I have a few more Elgin pocket watch movements in my to do box but these are ones that were close to hand that need work. I've added pics of the back of the 345 case and some other Elgin movements, I'm sure I probably have a few more floating around. What I really want to get my hands on sometime in the future is an Ingersol Mickey Mouse pocket watch with engraved back and the original fob, instructions and box in immaculate cond
  13. I messed up that link and can't edit it so HERE IT IS again. It has a useful Elgin watch serial lookup reminding me that I need to look up an Elgin military watch serial number.
  14. Yes it is a grade 345. I like the dial on this too. I just unscrewed the back and took a pic of the movement, it is happily ticking away on my computer desk. I believe this was one of 8000 units made in 1927 according to this information.
  15. Today's watch of the day is a D Series Rolex Submariner 50th Anniversary Edition watch with green bezel. Bought new in 2005 and worn once or maybe twice but as I brought it out in response to another thread I'm going to wear this watch today.
  16. That is a nice Elgin, funnily enough I have an Elgin pocket watch currently on my desk that I rebuilt and was calibrating.
  17. You are most welcome Beccy. This thread caused me to go and dig my Submariner out, so here is what the real thing should look like. These come in a variety of dial and bezel colours etc. This is a D series 50th Anniversary Submariner with green bezel. I bought this watch new in 2005 and am ashamed to say that I have probably worn this watch only once or twice since then for less than 2 hours. When they came out I just had to have one and it was purely an impulse buy but I never got around to wearing it. However, today it will be my watch of the day as I have it out.
  18. As an aside I forgot to mention that the "Swiss Made" should actually be under the 6 o`clock marker, not side by side as shown in the images above. The Rolex logo and text is also too small, in the wrong position and the wrong font, the lume dots are too small etc. Totally wrong without even getting into the profile of the watch body and more.
  19. Agreed Seve, the minute hand is fractionally too short yes but not noticeably as much as the second hand, hence why I didn't mention that or the end of the winding crown being the wrong profile etc etc. There is more wrong about this watch than there is right about it. So yes this is definitely *not_an_authentic_Rolex*
  20. I hate to tell you this Beccy but that watch looks totally fake. The date display magnification looks too small through the cyclops lens which is a common problem with cheaper fakes and the dial does not look right plus the second hand is far too short.
  21. Today this Timex Indiglo was the first thing that came to hand.
  22. Today a Disney Mickey Mouse watch got an airing.
  23. I like that dial, nice watch! Today its an Amitron watch.
  24. Smart watches have caught on with many people and none of the quality watch manufacturers are currently big in that market, so Tag are pretty much just trying to take a slice of that market. Who can blame them? If I wanted a smart watch, I'd rather have one from a quality watch manufacturer than one from a cellphone or gadget manufacturer. This market will get bigger. I'm sure people at one time said the same about quartz watches and digital watches.
  25. Like most things, today watches are disposable fashion accessories for the most part. How many people will be wearing the current model of apple watch in 5 years time? With technology there is always that push to upgrade for more features etc.
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