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  1. Brilliant thank you to all for your help. I do hope its still a "nice" movement once I have finished with it!!! Have found a replacement barrel for the 66a online so will give it a go. Thanks again.
  2. It looks to be almost exactly an inch (2.5cm) across. Is that what you wanted?
  3. Thanks Geo. rogart63 I see what you are thinking, looking at the Seiko 5740c there are some similarities there. Are we guessing this is a fake Benrus then? Regardless i'll still like to repair the thing. Interesting though.
  4. Hello All, I am new to this forum and relatively new to repairing watches (so please don't bite!). I have repaired a couple of cheap watches before and both have worked out fine so decided to try my hand on Benrus I have had for a couple of year and am quite fond of. All was going well and then I had a pet related incident whilst opening up the mainspring barrel. By the time I had found the barrel (cap, arbour and mainspring conveniently ended up in my lap) it had been damaged and some of the teeth destroyed. I have tried to identify the movement in order to figure out what par
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