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  1. Impressive indeed! I’m wearing a Sekonda as we speak. It’s a nice looker, as well as being fairly accurate. gryf
  2. Interesting... I have my own Luch 3055 in the shop right now. It began to run intermittently, then stopped... so I gave it a good cleaning and lube, and now while the electronics drive the balance successfully, and the pallet fork is actuating normally, drive isn’t transferring to the train wheels. Interestingly, our local watchmaker is from Minsk, where the Luch was made. gryf
  3. Interesting photos and stories. I have a Sekonda and a Slava that share the same movement and case design, although they differ in the details. Both are automatic winding, with day/date display. They're nice to wear, and relatively accurate.
  4. Thanks for the advice! I just found a very near equivalent from Cousins, so I ordered that, and await with crossed fingers. That said, I'll certainly check out CAS-KER and Scotchwatch. Cheers, Gryf
  5. Nice looking Casio! Interestingly, I have the same model in gold. It was one of a batch that my brother gave me, and appears to have been used lightly, if at all. It’s absolutely pristine. Gryf
  6. Hi, all. I'm almost finished with a rebuild of an old Kirovskie; I think it dates to the 1950s or thereabouts. The movement is now healthy, but I've found that the mainspring is very weak, so I need to replace it. Hence the question... where do you folks usually order mainsprings? I bought one from Jules Borel a while back when rebuilding a Seiko, but their catalog and order process are rather opaque. For what it's worth, the spring measures in at 287mm x 1.4mm x .09mm. It has a T-end with a slot. Any advice will be appreciated! Thanks, Gryf
  7. No logo on the crown... I looked. I suggested to my brother that this may be a Faux-mega (ha), but he pointed out that the uncle who owned it was known to live large, and to own a fake watch wasn’t in his nature. He also mentioned that the Uncle was well up in the executive ranks of his business, and that this might have been a customized presentation model from the management. All I know is that I can’t find anything remotely like it online. Soo... a puzzlement. He did verify that it’s a spring-wound movement and not quartz. He had a watchmaker inspect it a while back, and it was verified as an Omega. Gryf
  8. Here’s an interesting piece... it belongs to my sister-in-law, who inherited it from an uncle. My brother was unable to find any info on it, so while I’m visiting them I thought I’d post some pics and see what you folks think. It’s badged as an Omega, but there are no other markings on dial or case. Note the faceted crystal too. I’d have photographed the movement, but I’m away from home and tools. Ignore the Timex strap... Cheers, Gryf
  9. Following up - we're all set with a new autowind module, thanks to an eBay vendor parting out a 6106C. Now for a new mainspring... I was out of town for several days and project Seiko lost momentum. I hope to get it wrapped up shortly, and wear my college watch again! ;-) thanks again, Gryf
  10. Thanks, Dadistic! I found that same data sheet myself yesterday, so we're on the right track. I also found some suitable parts watches on eBay, but I won't be able to get back to it until next week. Cheers, Gryf
  11. Oops, too late to edit. My movement is the 6106C, so I'll search accordingly. Thanks again, Gryf
  12. Thanks for the excellent references! I really appreciate the assistance, and will follow up with any progress. Gryf
  13. Hi, all. While I've been following Mark's videos for a long time, I've started servicing some of my watch collection only recently. A couple of days back I tied into a Seiko that I bought new in 1973, calibre number 6106-8489. The servicing went rather well, except for one newbie mistake - see below. I managed to find why the watch was non-functional; one leg of the auto-wind lever was broken off. See pictures below. I'm posting in hopes that one of you with more experience can steer me toward a source for this part. Also, being a novice - and not yet owning a mainspring winder - I managed to break the spring trying to feed it back into the barrel. Do I need to look for an actual Seiko spring, or should I measure the broken one and order a generic one accordingly? Thanks! I really appreciate any assistance. Gryf
  14. And now for something completely different - We got this gem for our son for Christmas, and he loves it. Unfortunately, he reported a problem with it, which I just diagnosed to a missing tooth on the hour wheel - resulting in Mr. Cleese going lame around 8:00. And no, it's not a product of the Ministry of Silly Watches... actually it comes from the Unemployed Philosophers' Guild. Note the "For best results use other side" notation on the case back. The watch uses a pretty basic Miyota movement, so here we go searching for a replacement. Cheers, Gryf
  15. Revisiting the Luch I mentioned above, here's a better shot showing its size... it isn't really as huge as it appears in the previous photo, and I swapped the strap out for a more modest one that I feel suits it better. Here's a pic of the movement as well. Gryf
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