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  1. Incabloc spring on the table at work on a boat several miles from home. I suspect a wormhole of sorts. Actually I think it stuck to the bottom of my travel mug for a couple of weeks before releasing itself.
  2. Hello all, First post here. I recently acquired a mid 70s Seiko for parts (I spent more for the parts watch than a complete runner was worth, sentimental reasons and all). Anyways, I tried the rubber ball (I always start with that one) then the wench with no success. I then tried superglue with much doubt , it ended as I suspected I would. So I waited a few days and finally gave in to temptation. I put the watch in a case holder and into the vise it went , out came the hammer and chisel. One small tap in a slot for the wrench was all it took and didn't even leave a mark. First time I've had to use a hammer on a watch. Also , once I had it open and looking on the inside of the case back there were no marks to indicate that it had even been opened.
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