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  1. I've seen these on The Bay before & always wonder if they were flood victims.
  2. Thanks. I was thinking if the dial fits the mvmt w/spacer it will work. I was thinking dials have the same diameter.
  3. Thanks again. Doesn't hurt to double check. I want to put a diver dial in a small SNK.
  4. Thanks ! I guess what I also meant is "Are the dial feet all positioned in the same place for 4 o'clock stem watches."
  5. Correct me if I'm wrong, but aren't these dials interchangeable ? Thanks !
  6. Seiko ProspeX SRPC39J1 Ordered this over the weekend & what a deal !! 258 buck$ + free shipping & no tax !! (Actual baby turtle not included.)
  7. So if you can get the v/h on the machine, is the rate & error also correct & can you make adjustments ?
  8. I guess for now I'll put it on the timegrapher & see what happens. I'll let you guys know. Thanks !
  9. I read Martin's article on the Elnix last month & it's good. Thanks though. The WisioScope is interesting but I'd hate to ask the price on it. Maybe I will anyway. I know I can put it on the timegrapher without doing any harm, but I was just hoping to get the lift angle. Maybe Mark will tune in & can help ? Thanks guys !
  10. Hi out there. I recently got my hands on a Seiko Elnix I won on yahoo Japan Auctions. Only $30.00 + S&H ! Right now it seems to run very well. Does anyone know the lift angle(s) on this watch ? There are 2 Elnix calibres to my knowledge, 0702 & 0703. I contacted Seiko Japan but they have nothing on the watch due to it's age (So they say). I also contacted Lepsi & someplace else with no results. I'd like to put the watch on my timegrapher to see the overall health of it. If anyone out there knows, please let me know ! Thanks !
  11. Update # 2 !! I decided to rebuild the movement a little sooner. It turned out ok ! I think the amplitude is pretty good for an entry levelish Seiko. Btw, I'm no expert & this watch has the older Diafix jewel springs on the TWB & they were tricky ! I also got a bracelet so I can wear it now ! Cheers !!
  12. UPDATE !! PROBLEM SOLVED !!! Seiko 5 6347-5010 Moon Phase Watch Well, it's been close to a year since I messed with this thing & I just got another 1 of these off The Bay for a good negotiated price. For parts but running good. An Ugly One, but I was just after the movement. Btw, when I tried to get the moon phase intermediate wheel from Cousins last year they listed it as obsolete. It's just as well, & in a moment you'll see why. Before I pulled the trigger on the Ugly One, I contacted the seller. I asked him if the moon phase advanced on its own when the watch is running, AND if it advanced when manually advancing the hands past midnight. He replied yes, so I rolled the dice & grabbed it. When I got it everything worked like it's supposed to & I was thrilled to death ! NOW I CAN GET MINE GOING !! I could have just swapped movements, dials, etc., but my curiosity wouldn't let me. So I dismantled the upper part of the movement from the Ugly One down to where the moon phase intermediate wheel is & behold !! The MP intermediate wheel resting around a stud on the main plate !! It seems the 1st one was rebuilt using the main plate for a 6308 (Same as 6309 but without the day feature, hence no stud ?). GO FIGURE !! The 1st one also had a day finger installed on the date driving wheel instead of a MP finger. You can see the difference. This was fun. (See pics) I put the mvmt back together with the case & dial from my 1st one but used different hands. The gold on the original ones is ruined from the old lume eating away @ it. In the future, I plan on rebuilding the mvmt. & have fun with that too. But right now I'm just admiring the watch & glad it's up & running. I can't wear it because I need a bracelet or strap for it ! I really like it & the MP window is BIG !! I'm pretty sure the 6347 is the only mechanical moon phase Seiko ever built. Seems pretty rare too. I'm definitely hanging on to it. Any input welcome ! Thanks ! Scotty
  13. Hey there !! Kinda sorta. About a year ago I overhauled a Seiko 7S36, self-teaching myself with info on the web, including WRT. It turned out well & was a lot of fun, too. This Seiko 6347 I'm working on now needs some TLC, & I just want to be sure I get it right. I think it's the only total mechanical moon phase Seiko ever made, with other styles, of course. Seems to be an oddball, as well. I really like it. When will you be making the "Deep Dive" ? Cheers !!
  14. Correct, 6309A. I'm also thinking the wheel may just sit in the cut-out. So, the moon phase finger engages with the intermediate wheel, which engages with the moon phase disc, advancing it, correct ? I'm just having a little trouble conceiving it, the idea the wheel can just sit or float there & function as well. But it is what it is, right ?! Thanks for your input ! Scotty
  15. Welcome ! Horology is a lot of fun, & worth it !!
  16. Thanks for replying ! The date driving wheel is under the moon phase finger. It also has a finger. The spot I highlighted is where the intermediate wheel is supposed to go. It's missing if all is correct. Notice there is no pin to accept the wheel. See page 2 in the link I attached. Thanks !
  17. Hello out there ! Does anyone know, or is familiar with the movement this watch has ? I recently obtained the watch. It runs great, but the only thing not working is the moon phase function (Partly corrected now). When I started disassembling it I noticed some dummy had glued the moon phase disc to the hour wheel shaft !! (It did rotate with the hour hand when I first got it.) Anyway, I carefully removed the disc & removed all the glue & carefully, a little bit @ a time, used a small drill bit with my fingers to remove the glue from the hole, making sure not to make the hole any larger. I then checked for any burrs, etc., then cleaned it well with rodico. It now spins freely on the hour wheel shaft without any slack. I also removed all the upper related parts & cleaned them well. According to the exploded view of the Seiko tech guide, I am missing the Intermediate Moon Phase Wheel. What confuses me is the wheel is pictured with a hole, but there is no protruding pin to retain the wheel where it should fit. Is there an error in the drawing ? Does the wheel interact with the moon phase finger ? Does the wheel not need the hole or a pin to set in ? Do I have an updated movement ? If so, I'm thinking the moon phase finger would advance the disc, by engaging with the teeth on the underside of the disc. I put it back together anyway, just to see. Everything works great, except the moon phase won't advance when the watch is running. It does work well now, with the quick-set feature. The disc turns freely, is nice & flat along with the date dial, & engages well with the moon phase jumper. The teeth on the bottom of the disc seem to be in good shape as well. I put in a request for the intermediate wheel @ Cousins UK. It should be available sometime in the 1st week of May. (I hope) In the meantime, does anyone have any experience, input, or thoughts on this matter ? Please see attachments. Thanks guys !! Scotty https://watchguy.co.uk/technical/Seiko/6347A.pdf
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