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  1. michalsen

    threading gone wrong

    hand turning stock in an 8mm lathe into a die I held with my hand. I either turned with too much force, or was not perfectly perpendicular...or the combination of the two. I would love a die I can hold in the tail stock, but need to make a die first. It's a slow battle.
  2. michalsen

    Shaving a Jewel

    I watched your video on this earlier today. Very informative. Thank you.
  3. michalsen

    threading gone wrong

    it was not blued steel...if I can find a blade thin enough I should be able to get it out. just annoying...thought I had the thinnest blades. it's always something thank you
  4. Turned down some steel to make my first screw. Well, technically second. The first was so terrible I tossed it. Anyway, turned it down, then looked to thread it with one of those tombstone dies. The screw broke. Now I'm supposed to use my jewelers saw to cut out the steel, but that access line is so thin. Anyone with any hints? Thank you!
  5. Hobbyist here, and really enjoying it. Looking forward to seeing what I can learn, and hopefully share my mistakes to save others from the same pain.