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  1. Holy Mother of God it's the lathe mother load! I like how organized your shop is! Very nice! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. That is truly fantastic! Grats on an awesome job!
  3. Wow! Beautiful. May I ask where you found these movements? I like both but would love to play around with the Breguet in particular. I can imagine all sorts of dials. Thank you, Alec
  4. Thank you Geo. That is certainly a help.
  5. Could someone please provide a link to the service guide or technical manual for this movement? I have google searched but all I find is the owners manual. I have tried Cousins and I get lost in their site. I must be internet illiterate or something ;-). I am well on my way to completion of teardown, clean, and reassemble of my very first movement a Seiko 7s26c. I found an inexpensive new 8215 that I want to tacle next. This has been a great introduction to watchmaking as well as very humbling. I have immense respect for the pros and advanced amateurs here! I have been able to learn how my tools perform or dont, and what tools I need to add. The tool collecting is an adventure all in itself. I have a pile of old movements I am tinkering with too. Mark made a comment somewhere advising to look at and study as many balance assemblies as possible to become so familiar that you can spot a fault intuitively. That comment resonated with me. Im my field I examine thousands of normal human cells all day long. Its the experience of looking at normal that has given me the ability to instantly recognize abnormal. At any rate I will stop yammering on. I would be very appreciative of a link and any sage wisdom regarding the 8215. Alec
  6. Is this acceptable for Molycote Dx?? http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00CAD6AAE/ref=ox_sc_sfl_title_1?ie=UTF8&psc=1&smid=A8FEBY5XL3B8V Thanks, Alec
  7. Hey DWDrummer, I just noticed you are in KC. I am in Overland Park. What watch shop do you use? I am VERY new to the hobby myself. I have been collecting tools, reading blog posts, and reading Henry Fried's bible. I an currently going through the http://www.clockmaker.com.au/diy_seiko_7s26/ tutorial. I have taken a perfectly functioning Seiko and turned it into a pile of parts! I am waiting for L&R cleaning fluids to arrive so I can clean the parts and move forward. At any rate didn't intend to hijack your thread just wanted to connect with a local amateur watchmaker. In the future maybe we could split costs on things? Regards, Alec
  8. Could someone please explain the difference between the ammoniated and non-ammoniated ultrasonic cleaners from L&R? Clearly one contains ammonia and the other does not, but what is the difference real world in the cleaning ability? I want to purchase the cleaner and rinse but really want to make the right decision up front as these fluids are not inexpensive. I have a cheap ultrasonic cleaner I will be using these in. Also what is the difference in the rinse solutions "Bright" type and non-bright type? Thanks, Alec
  9. Very nice! Does it have a display back? I'd love to see the movement. Where did you find this watch?
  10. Hi Rob. I happen to like NATO straps and have a number of them myself. I change them on occasion but I tend to find a particular one that works with each watch and it stays. At any rate welcome!
  11. So sorry just now saw the review. Thank you for that! I was thinking a diving lead weight might solve the tipping issue as well. I think I might want the base out of the way.
  12. Lee, I am anxious to hear feedback on your stereo microscope. I use a standard microscope all day for my real job. I am a clinical scientist and I think this would be an easy transition for me. I normally use magnification along the line of 400 - 1000 x's so a bit different but still much the same. Odyseus, where do I find your blog? Thank you, Alec
  13. I have the exact same question. I am quite interested in what the pros have to say.
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