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  1. Awesome, thanks for the replies guys. I think I will use the PW timing approach and see how we get on.
  2. Would anyone in or around the Sussex area happen to have a hairspring vibrating fixture, for an 18,000 bph hairspring. I need to fit a new hairspring to an old trench watch but do not have a means beyond trial and error to pin it at the right lenght. Any assistance most welcome. thanks, Lawrence
  3. Awesome, thanks for that, most helpful. Ali link is also useful.
  4. Does anyone happen to have one of these they could measure up quickly. I need to do the caseback on a modern Breitling Navitimer, but don't have the correct die. That is easy enough to get but all of the ones available only work with the Bergeon adapter and I want to check if it will be compatible with my somewhat ancient Rawyler bench opener. The interface looks the same but without dimensions it is hard to tell. Link to the Bergeon adapter here https://www.cousinsuk.com/product/universal-adaptor
  5. Yes, its actually made from four spare floor boards, which are inch pine, tounge and grove. I glued and pinned them, then fitted a 2x2 frame before going at it with the belt sander. Once it was mounte, I used a big compass, scribed the semi circle (using a bit of board tacked to the edge to give my centre), chopped it out with a jigsaw and routed the radius. I've basically been able to fit the whole place out with spare timber that came with the building (which arrived in kit form).
  6. I'm not sure what those boxes are as I definitely only upload three pics.
  7. And yes, I have been known to sit up on the roof!
  8. I think the perspective of the pic makes it look tighter than it really is. Given the layout of the rest of the room, which has my office desk in etc, it seemed like the most logical choice at the time (I even went as far as building a CAD model of the layout first). I also gives a nice deliniation between clean and dirty areas, putting the lathe (small one) as far away from the assembly area as possible. I have 600mm from the centre of the cutout to the wall, so plenty of space for my elbows. Completely agree on the power points, I figured I'd stick as many in as possible. To right about not enough space, I'm already planning the demolition of my prefab concrete garage to build a bigger one which will give me space for a surface grinder and a larger mill. I have a Centec 2A at the moment but would like a larger machine in the future!
  9. Thought I would show off my new workshop. It has taken my the best part of 6 months to construct the building, then fit it all out, but finally have the space I wanted. It's a 6.5x3m building, split in half with office/watch workshop in one half and machine room in the other.
  10. My brother in Law's father made a very impressive meccano clock many years ago, details are here. http://www.walcotefarm.co.uk/Clock/Clock.html
  11. Thanks Marc, I will continue my investigations via process of elminiation. All good experience!
  12. Right, an update on this. Last night and this morning, I did the following. 1: Fulled pallet fork, cleaned and re-oiled stones (with a lot less oil. 2: Stripped the balance and reset the hair spring so the impulse jewel is definitely in the centre of the banking pins. No change at all. Stil beyond erratic. Next stop is a check of the escape wheel, fortunately I have a few spare 188s so will see how we get on there. Thanks for the suggestions all.
  13. So, is this too much oil on the pallets?
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