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  1. Thank-you for taking the time to do a video. I feel confident to give it a go now.
  2. Looks great, I've just ordered one. looks like ill be waiting six or so weeks to get it though. ☹
  3. I'll get some oil / grease ordered and let you all know how i get on. Rich
  4. Did you put the 8200 on the mainspring and another product on the barrel wall (say 8217). Thanks for the offer for the practice parts but I do feel confident to do it. If the mainspring is broken or I do cock it up it will give me the experience of sizing a new one. That's a good point - thank you.
  5. Thanks. There is some informative information there. I guess it depends on the type of mainspring.
  6. I understand what you are saying, however I would want to cover as much as possible. I don't mind taking my time, but I would like to cover everything in a service.
  7. Would there be any harm in using Moebius 8200 on the mainspring. I believe this is a more general use grease which i could use on other mainsprings in other watches - I don't really want to have to buy loads of different types. Thanks Blacklab - Ill have a look at the condition of the mainspring when i remove it and if needed I'll look at ordering one.
  8. I am currently underway on my first strip down and service. I have purchased an old SEIKO 6309-510A from ebay and I have stripped it down with no issues so far. I am going to clean the moment using an old Brenray cleaning machine that I have recently overhauled. I have a few questions regarding lubrication, if any one could help me I would be most appreciative. The oils I have are - Moebius 9010, D5, 941, 9501 would I be able to substitute these for the recommended oils by SEIKO? - I have attached the 6309A data sheet. 24._6309A.pdf The next question that I have is regarding the
  9. I've been wearing watch for over a week now and have just checked the accuracy. the watch has gained about 10 seconds. At night i rested the watch face down. I'm happy with this at the moment, but I will definitely plan a service in the not too distant future. Thank-you all for your information.
  10. Thank-you for the Information. Its good to learn different ways to interpret the Timegrapher.
  11. Thank-you for the information @JohnR725 where did you acquire it from? I shall run the tests in the specified positions, and post when get chance. Good spot with the Balance angle, I was sure that i had set it at 50 Degrees, and I had in the first video. My machine must reset to 52 when turned off.......you learn something every day .
  12. Thanks I drew the watches and made a spreadsheet which calculates the averages as you type them in. I can send it you if you like.
  13. Right I have been sailing . I have made a few adjustments trying to get the best overall average. MOV_1411.mp4 I have taken an average of eight readings for each position (letting the machine run for four readings between position changes to settle out) and then calculated the average of the six different positions. As this is all measured on the bench the real test will be how the watch performs on the wrist. I'll wear the watch for a week and see how it goes - Ill post the results in a weeks time. I'm going to calibrate the time with http://time.is/GMT .
  14. Thank you for the comments StuartBaker104, I think its worth giving regulating a go first, but i do agree that the watch could do with a service and i will plan one in the not to distant future. jdm I like your style. I have all the tools and equipment ready. The million dollar question is how do you regulate this movement? Would it be a case of simply turning the screw as per the picture.
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