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  1. That is nice. I picked this up off craigslist for $250 and it makes a nice desk for me also.
  2. Nice eye! I like the style of it also.
  3. I seen this site aldo. It's what got me to thinking about wrong batteries. But the 386 batteries seem to be a little too thin. The screwback caps seem to have to make contact with the batteries in order for it to work. They won't contact the 386 but make good contact with the 357. Odd! Lol
  4. Well I went and bought some 386 batteries. These were too thin and did not make contact with the caps. So I had to put the 357's back in to make it work. I get time ok. I press both right and left buttons and get seconds. I still only get day for the month and day feature. I'm also wondering if maybe the year and month feature would have disappeared after 2000? Maybe the software in the module does not support it anymore. I went to Wittnauers site and sent them an email on it. They (Bulova), sent me a response asking for a picture. We'll see where this goes. Thanks for the link ro63rto. I l
  5. I appreciate the responses guys. I took the entire movement out so I could clean the led screen and check it all out. There were no spacers to accommodate the 357 batteries. Not sure if 386 & 357 are basic same sizes. I could have sworn that I seen somewhere that the watch works like such: Top right button: Press once for time, hold down for seconds. (Not getting the seconds) Bottom left button: Press once for month and date. (Just getting date) Yea, finding tech info is hard. No search results for owners manuals either.
  6. Anyone know about these watches? It had 2 old 357 batteries in it so I replaced with the same. I can read and set the time, it shows the day but not the month. Would this be something in the movement? I can't really find any technical info on this thing.
  7. I've had 7 harleys. Been ridin since I was 12 on my first bike that was and old triump 250. These are the 2 I have now.
  8. Looks like fun! Btw, how do you wind one of those automatic mainsprings? I have a winder but only used it on a PW mainspring. Now to keep to the subject. Nothing major here. Nice old Waltham that is running nice. Just has a broke stem and waiting on one to get here from the netherlands. Lol
  9. The only thing I've used so far is rodico. It really only cleans dirt and doesn't get extreme like some of these shown. As stated, there are too many changes of ruining the wrong dial.
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