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    Finding old watches and restoring them. Collecting same. Making watch bands out of all kinds of leather. I have a good sized workshop built up over the years that has most of the equipment I need. I run watch repair classes for friends. Love the challenge of working my way through a problem.

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Still working for at least a while and was a pilot for a long time. Find watch repair very satisfying especially helping folks who cannot afford a repair and want to wear dads old watch. I have a large collection of interesting wrist watches and pocket watches and love the connection with a by-gone era. Most of the pieces are not worth a whole lot, and are from old US, and UK companies. Used to collect a lot of Seiko and Citizen, but these are going for silly prices these days. I also like watch repair tools. and collecting these. I'm married with two grandkids who are fascinated with Poppies workshop. I would like to pass on my limited skills to them one day.


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