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  1. there is no substitute for a quality screwdriver set in good condition, if I get a screw that gives me issues, first thing I do is either sharpen the bit, or put in a new bit. There is a tendency to keep trying, but your only going to make it harder on yourself, sharpen or change out the bit right off, and it will save you headaches Also remember that there are left handed screws in watch work, they are normally marked with the 2 lines, one on either side of the screw slot.
  2. ok, you talking about the upper plate balance jewel setting? Which is the lower balance jewel set, as the upper set is in the balance cock, so I am confused by your question and your pictures which shows the keyless works. Based on past experience, also do a very close inspection of the balance staff, and the jewel as a damaged staff can cause the same issue. I had one that looked like something chewed in the lower pinon, and upon further inspection, the jewel was damaged in the I.D. and was causing the issue.
  3. stone, files, burnishing tools are all used with a Jacot tool, the Jacot tool is covered in the Lathe section in the DeCarle book (Chap. 17) I use mine all the time, but I work mainly on late 1800's to early 1900's watches, the pinions need to be polished, I believe Stephan Pahlow has a video out where he is also using a Jacot tool,
  4. Donald DeCarle's book has a section on it
  5. To be honest modern state of the art Ultrasonic Watch cleaning machines is a professional level tool, those of us who have picked up L&R machines are buying machines from the 40's-70's which makes them more affordable for hobbyist. If you can find a L&R Varimatic, and ultrasonic unit, then there is a place in San Rafael,California that will refurbish them for a moderate price, the ultrasonic unit is converted over to solid state, the companies name is Electronic Instrument Service, also there is Time Machine Repair, where they sell both used and new machines which appears to be in New Jersey. Now if your question is more aimed at is it worth getting an ultrasonic watch cleaner, then yes, but like everything in Horology, it depends on your level of need versus you level of funding. While it is perfectly acceptable to have a single ultrasonic to service both watches and clocks (simply use a glass jar to place your watch cleaner and parts into, then float it in the clock cleaner in your ultrasonic), if you can afford getting a new or refurbished ultrasonic watch cleaner, it is much easier and nicer, then you have the automated Varimatic makes it even better and you are able to break down a watch and set it up for cleaning, then start the cleaning process while your working on different watch.
  6. According to my Waltham Serial Number Book, this S/N is a Model 1894, Grade 210, Size 12, 7 jewel movement, is this correct? circa ~1920 I thought I might have a barrel I could give you, but I do not have one of those in my parts movements. I will check a few sites and if I find one, I will private message you and give you a link.
  7. Yes, press it out and then "rub in" the new one
  8. if your looking for a Waltham part, share the movements serial number please, and I will see if I can find a source.
  9. you need to becareful when swapping out parts, for the sounds of it, it appears that there is a difference with the movements, try using the main plate from the "barrel" and assemble. I would be there is enough sideshake that when the mainspring is wound, it creates a binding with the main wheel, thus stopping the transfer of power.
  10. you should be able to find a usb scope camera, most are ~100 us, the good high resolution ones, you simply exchange the eye piece for the camera, the key factors for getting one is knowing the circum. of the eye piece to make sure the camera will fit. As far as a good tri scope, the key factor you need to look for is working distance, ideally you want about 8 inches, which require better optics then the minimal working distance scopes. do a google search for AmScope or a scambay search there are a lot of options out there. The reason I mentioned a tri-scope is the camera stays in it the scope and if you need or want to use the it the old fashion way, you do not have to find the second eye piece, mess with the focus. Unless you are doing some serious micro movements, a 40x is the most you should need, and the higher the magnification, the smaller the working distance..
  11. I have two of these old classis, when dealing with smaller screws, if you do not have the baskets with the small containers in them, then pick up a small "thimble sized" container, and place your small screws in it, since your missing a few I would check the bottom of the jars, more then likely they dropped out in them. I normally have to fill the jars just above the raised letters on the jars to get the ultrasonic head submerged, it is a fine line to walk, and as you found out, better to start out under filled and then add a small amount each time until you get the level right, then mark the jar so your not "guessing" when it is time to top them off again. Ultrasonic, if it is working you should see some cavitation of the liquid when it is on, there are so many things that can go wrong with these older ones, I have sent both of my ultra sonic units in and had them converted to solid state, work much better and less issues. Should you use it? absolutely, while the cleaning fluids will remove the loose dirt and oil, the ultrasonic will clean that dried up oil in the jewels. Once you get these units running smooth they are a dream to work with, but I must admit, that is a rather large "Once" you have to get worked out.
  12. There is a company in the US that will do a solid state conversion to your L&R ultrasonic unit for $600 us dollars, with the conversion, that would be ~400 in UK, the shipping might be costly
  13. Ok, Naptha in the ultra sonic.. hmm, how I would do this is pickup a couple small glass jars, fill them with Naptha, then float them in the ultra sonic full of water.. your controlling the Naptha better this way.. remember, Naptha is a combustable substance..
  14. I would recommend a watch with multiple bridges for you, it makes setting the wheels so much easier, and once you get that feeling when you drop the balance cock on to the movement and it starts beating, you will find things less frustrating. Until then, when you get stuck, ask your questions here, trust me, there is no such thing as a dumb question, I struggled with the full plate movements, I even went as far as using rodico to hold the pallet in place on the upper plate, then I asked and was told about building on the upper plate, made it sooo much easier. Also, you will notice there is an order to aligning your pivots, each is slightly shorter, normally it starts at the main wheel, then drop in the third, fourth, escape, pallet..
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