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  1. Can I ask if there is some special tripod head you are using I mean model ofc In fact how do you have it set up picture would be easier question so I have idea for myself thanks :D
  2. Can I ask if that tool has a name and where to buy as it looks like it can help me out quite a bit
  3. I think next to Marks videos this has to be the best documented walkthrough I have seen to date, a personal thanks for sharing this with the 'fingers'n'thumb' group I feel I am in. I found everything exceptional and when I feel I able I will use this tutorial to have a go myself Inspirational Thank you
  4. Tbh I never really thought of how much work Mark must put into the videos he makes, and I can now understand if this idea did not make it. But I for one never tire of watching the videos and do appreciate all the work Mark puts in,so its fingers crossed he likes the idea or can rattle out a few more of his quality tutorials
  5. I would love to see Mark set up a video course for the fingers and thumb brigade who now have a passion for watches ( I basically mean me haha ) where we maybe able to buy a movement that Mark could show us step by step the skill of taking apart and re-assembling said movement. Simple ones to start then progressing to the higher calibre ones. I for one am really keen but so far have yet to attempt any of the above,my skill has just been to put a movement into a case of my choice and I know that is not really satisfying my itch. I do read of courses at local Univeristies but thats a feasable thing for me these days. But just learning the basics would please me and I reckon others as well I find all Mark's tutorial videos very very educational and really wel presented,he shows all the enthusiasm that I find easy to follow. Next on your list of things please Mark And any apology if I have put you in an awkward position this is not my intention , I also feel that somewhere amongst these numerous posts that this may have come up before so apologies for my repeative babble
  6. Simple question which has probably been asked and answered but I cannot find a post and its aimed at Mark Can I ask what camera system you use in your videos as the clarity is great and do you use that side hooked to a PC when servicing a watch? If anyone knows before Mark has a chance to answer then thank you
  7. Thank you alll for your help I will have to do a bit more research but the positive help you get here is great,if I find anything I will surely post results
  8. The film makes me realise that if I mess up its ok we are only human after all These people was amazing I loved the film thanks
  9. Well wasn't an expensive aquisition so if to only hone my skill no real big deal but why are cases and dials so hard to come by? Are they all locked up in some mad swiss watchmakers vault lol
  10. Need so advice on where I may find case and dial for this movement please? Was a cheap eBay win and I reckon Asian in make but that's about all I can guess at,I know case will need push button top right but just wondering if anyone has anymore insight Thanks
  11. And I have suffered that a few times when helping on car engine rebuilds, always the odd bolt left over haha But pictures is something I definitely feel is a must for me Thanks for all your support hopefully I will have something sorted in a week or 2 once parts start to arrive :pulling-hair-out: as it is that emo sums up how I am feeling to date lol
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