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  1. 21 minutes ago, Folkvisor said:

    OK, yes. I'm sure there are a lot of different assortments of screws for different movements. I often make drawings instead of taking photos; they seem to mean more to me than photos. 

    Thank you for your response.


    That's what we used to do back in the '80s and '90s but since digital photography, taking photo's is just so much more convenient. And now just a quick snap with a phone is brilliant when you come across a movement with a complicated non-standard calendar or something a bit different. Really saves a lot of time.

    But yes - I think back about sketching movements with fondness, I used to enjoy that.

  2. 21 minutes ago, Lawson said:

    I've been servicing 7750's since June last year mate ... haven't you seen my walkthrough?

    The 7750 is pretty much second nature to me now.  I service them a lot cause I only charge for parts at home.  So every man and his dog with a TAG Carrera, Ball and Omega Chrono etc... who knows my family gets a $700 service for free :)  Makes me quite popular *hehe*

    ....  and yet I still I can't get anyone to employee me as an apprentice :unsure: Go Figure

    Yes - i've seen your walkthroughs - I am just so excited about how far you have come, it's really great.


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