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  • Chinese eta 2892-A2 Clone - Service and Review - Seagull ST1812

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    Join me as I strip down, service and review this Chinese ETA 2892-A2 clone. Seagull ST1812 watch movement. There was a couple of issues to deal with but altogether a fairly impressive movement for the price.

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    User Feedback

    Beginners should watch this and see how you take time in making sure each of the wheels lock into the teeth of the next, making sure they run free, testing all the time before screwing down pivots are in there jewels. A nice movement for the price. Thanks Mark.

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    Just tried to watch and it says "no video content"?

    Although I have stripped 2892 and the Omega 2500 (Co-axial 2892, gen I) I thought it might be good to see you do it...

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