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    Dial feet

    I tried those little dial feet you glue, I was very impressed how strong they are when used with 5 minutes epoxy resin
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    I think that if you just watch the lessons, well you know how calm and demonstrative that Mark can be. I guess to get the most value you would have to be hands on and follow along. But the cost of tools and scrap movements, lubricants and a work area hmm. I suppose if you bought a $5000 motorcycle would a $250 community college course on how to ride the thing be worth it? You bet it would. But if you were determined half a kitchen table and a couple hundred dollars worth of ebay tools would allow you to find out for sure. Can you actually manipulate screws that are like specks of dust to the naked eye? and if you find out you like that sort of thing you could get miles ahead of those folks who are waiting till next summer. Super valuable I think.
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