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    Hi Nickelsilver, Your knowledge of horology has never seized to amaze me. We are lucky to have access to you through this forum. Thank you for staying tuned with us. Best wishes.
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    Watch of Today

    Don't know much about this brand but from the looks they're somewhat of a Seiko homage brand. This is their take on the Turtle. It has a NH35A heart beating inside.
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    Making a cylinder???

    Archie Perkin's book Antique Watch Restoration Volume II has several pages going through the process to make a cylinder as described by Nicklesilver. If you do have a go at making one please take photos and post your progress.
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    Mainspring condition.

    Hi Of european origin I think possibly german A good clock to start with. First job let down the mainspring (no tension) next un pin and remove the balance, then before splitting the plated check all the pivots in their holes for wear any excess wear will need bushing but these pin lever clocks are fairly tolerant. If all ok then remove spring plate and spring then remove the back plate photo graphing as you go so as to have a reference should things go pear shaped, enjoy.
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    omega 1012 would not beat

    Maybe your endhsake is insufficient. Loosen the balance cock a bit and lift the cock. Sometimes when swapping parts over the clearances could be different and lifting the cock a bit could make it run.. Its not a cure as the issue will still need to be resolved but at least you know where the problem lies. Anilv
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    I appreciate everyone here that provides advice, feedback and help.
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    Paul Garnier Chaff Cutter Escapement

    This page might be interesting: http://www.my-time-machines.net/chaff_cutter_detail.htm If you click on one of the main pics it will take you to a further page with extra pics / breakdown detail. Also note the video download links (1,2,3) at the end of the first paragraph.
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    Mainspring condition.

    very good pics' !
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    New Mainspring Winder on the Market

    I bought this set and used for two eta calibres and they worked fine. Quality is good though I had to degrease them as they came swimming in oil!
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    Brand New to Watch Repair

    On Ebay you can restrict the search by country, but it's perfectly normal to trade internationattly espcially considering these are Russian watches. Shipping cost is specified in the auction, and you do not pay taxes or fees of any sort. On YouTube, like most videos on the planet: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC7vSOnpUocYq0z8oiYFk0zQ The kits are OK for opening and closing (most) cases and little more and generally pretty poor quality, maybe they include with an assortment of spring bars. But anything is better than nothing to begin with.
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    omega 1012 would not beat

    Sounds like out of beat impulse. Let balance wheel come to rest, the fork should move with a slight Clock/ anticlock turn of the balance wheel.
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    Watch of Today

    My mid-size (SKX017), please excuse the poor picture. I love to go everywhere with it, including underwater to the limit of my recreational certification.
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    New Mainspring Winder on the Market

    8200 series Miyota
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    New Mainspring Winder on the Market

    Think 2235 is a Rolex movement . Don't no why they aren't doing a set of winders. Instead of doing this. Looks okay though.
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    Regulating a womens Tissot PR50

    Give a try to an app. It may work even without a proper microphone. You will need to calibrate it first.
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    Rusted Stem

    Hi as the watch is toast anthing you do from which you learn is a plus. Sp my personal opinion is go for it and enjoy doing it, you can try all the methods mentioned for rust removal. The cannon pinion may still be removable using a couple of small pry bars as used for removing hands. Probably needs a further soaking to break the rust or some gentle heat or both. good luck in your quest.
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    Balance jewel remover tool.

    Hi The distance an escaping watch part travels is directly proportional to its importance, therefore best to limit its escape route.
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    Watch of Today

    The other calendar. A Raketa, technically I'm younger whilst wearing this A tricky one to take a pic of as the dial is quite reflective.
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    clock i got today part 4

    Hi You might find this interesting reading if you are interested in french clocks. One thing to remember with french clocks the pivots are glass hard and brittle so when dismantling ,cleaning and rebuilding be very carefull and dont use force when putting the back plate on and be gentle when aligning the pivots and holes and you will be ok. dating french clocks.pdf
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