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    Watch of Today

    Today, we have a big chunk of 1973 in the form of a Timex Viscount automatic day/date. This repair fought me every step of the way. It arrived with the winder connected to fresh air, and needed a complete strip down to get everything back in order. The day detent spring was misaligned, the date wheel was misaligned, the winder weight was loose, the thing was filthy both inside and out, and even getting the back off initially was problematic. I probably spent a good half hour simply trying to figure out why the day wheel refused to co-operate before I noticed the spring wasn't actually doing anything when the disk was re-fitted, due to the spring being in the wrong orientation. I suspect it got a good hard knock at some stage, which dislodged a bunch of stuff, possibly due to the frustration of the previous owner, as a result of the day wheel not turning. Everything is now all back in order, the hands are correctly aligned, the day and date kick over correctly at midnight. It is ticking away with that characteristic Timex chonk-chonk-chonk and winding nicely. I'm not sure it is going to stay on the hair puller band, I may swap it to something a little more comfortable, as I don't particularly enjoy the bald arm patches look, and my Nordic neanderthal genes mean that my arms are particularly furry. This is what it looked like when it arrived. I'll keep it on for today, and regulate it tomorrow once everything has settled down from the surgery, but it is keeping pretty good time so far. The crystal polished up well, but I still need to give the case back a quick whizz with the polishing pad to get rid of some apprentice marks, probably due to some previous owner's attempts to open the thing.
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    Watch of Today

    34mm of Croydon's finest (alright, only). Probably late '50s and running nicely on one of their own short-lived movements, in this case the cal.10.5'''. Regards.
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    Watch of Today

    Worldtimer today Needs a case rebuild. Went out for ice-cream and when I got back there was the telltale circle of fog in the middle of the crystal. https://i.imgur.com/s1wAjoV.jpg
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    I use 3 and 4 jaw chucks, large and small on a "compound lathe". how does a " bezel - chuck" grab a crystol? with a 4 jaw, you invert the jaws and grab the inside so you can cut the outer diameter. do they make chucks for jewelers lathes? vin
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    that is a wyler style case, yes. the wyler crystols are unique to this watch AND hard to find. if you have a lathe, cut an "aftermarket" crystol to the proper inside and out side to a "press fit" since it is the only thing that holds the watch together. good luck. vin
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    Ingersoll sealion

    Thanks Now I'm strugling to design the toner transfer as the bezel is only 4.8mm large ... I still have a lot of hours tp spend on that but it's 1000% worthy I just hope the laser printer will be able to print those 1.4mm letters and 1.2mm numbers
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