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    Here’s a tip for those of you who shop from CousinsUK.com! Cousins have a strict policy when it comes to returns, and if you wish to shop from them you must approve of these terms. However, don’t automatically assume it’s no use to get in touch with them if you feel that something has gone wrong. In my experience Cousins are always willing to listen to your arguments with an objective and humble attitude. My experience with Cousins’ service, prices, and treatment are really the best!
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    Watch of Today

    You should prepare a very "thin" lume with water based medium and apply on several thin coats. I have some dials to relume next month so I'll take some pics on every step. Envoyé de mon moto g(7) power en utilisant Tapatalk
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    Watch of Today

    In one of lifes strange but meaningless co-incidences I have just finished working on your watches remarkably similar cousin. Perhaps mine is a little younger, as the caseback suggests this one is 2001, or perhaps the caseback is the only part from 2001, who knows. Quite probably this is also a re-dial, but none the less, quite it is a pleasing colour (better in real life than it is in the pictures. It now runs a lot better than it did when it arrived, but I'll let it settle down and do the final testing tomorrow.
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    Watch of Today

    Another improbably-coloured HMT, the dial in a rather fetching shade of lilac-y mauve. Shows INDIA under the 6 with a serial number of 140173 on the case back, and if that signifies 1973, undoubtedly a product of Dharavi . Runs on a 17j HMT 1802/0231A. Maybe. Regards.
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    Help with 7S26 diagnoses

    I use 'G-S Hypo Cement' (used for fitting crystals). It has a very fine nozzle, so easy to apply and dries quickly. Don't think it has any gassing problems either .
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    Give away

    And there's this... 6) A can of something. As mentioned, I found out what it was at one time but since have forgotten what it is. It's about the size of a old 35mm film can. Embossed on the lid is " IMPORTANT, Save Can, Instructions inside" Of course there's no instructions inside... Anyway.. if you want one or all of these items doesn't matter. Take your pick. I'll send it to you. Don't complain you don't have it, when here it is for free. Might not be the latest greatest but... You know what I mean. ;-) Cheers...
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    Recognize this tool?

    Perhaps an elegant Pocket Watch Bench Key for winding the movement when out of its case.
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    Just concluded the assembly sequence of my ETA 2824-2 by adding pictures for replacing the... automatic device framework, hour wheel, dial support, dial, hands, case, movement fixing ring, case back gasket, oscillating weight, case back lid, and strap I always seem to mix up the sequence for replacing these parts, like replacing the dial and forgetting about the hour wheel, or installing the oscillating weight before the movement is in the case, etc. The idea is that when I assemble my next watch housing an ETA 2824-2 I can just browse the pictures to see what to do next and that will enable me to focus entirely on the execution. If you wish to use the same sequence please remember to order the pictures by name in ascending order, and hopefully, you'll find this picture walkthrough useful and convenient! BTW, if you have a smartphone or tablet you can download the free OneDrive app for Android and iOS which I have found to be the most convenient way to browse the pictures. Thanks for your attention!
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    Old lucien picard

    Decent quality watch .Swiss movement stainless case.take it at face value.nothing more.service it and wear it.that's what it's for.
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    smiths empire crown release problem

    cheers vin will give the oil ago.
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    smiths empire crown release problem

    crown and stem: if you now have the proper screw and its turned l -1/2 turns. press down on the screw, giggle - the stem should come out. IF NOT; apply "penitrating oil" and come back tomorow. vin
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    Hi Looking again at the condition there is a possibility the stem is rusted in , does it turn both way ok if so might need some penetrating substance on the stem to release it, a bit of wite spirit and oil or petrol /oil to soften the corrosion. If the screw has undone all the way might have released the set piece which has jammed the stem. If every thing fails you can always dismantle the plates. First Let down mainspring, remove the balance , then the backplate that will then expose the crown and castle wheels and the stem hopefuly then you will be able to get it out. goog luck
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    Watch of Today

    I can't quite decide if this is a minty fresh re-dial, or if the dial paint speckles were factory fitted by HMT. My gut feeling is that it is probably a redial, since it doesn't say "Made in India - 0231" on the lower dial edge. The watch itself is immaculate, which is why I am in two minds. It looks hardly worn, so why would someone re-dial it. A quick clean and the usual light lubrication regime has it transformed form a slightly erratic >80 s/day to a more stable and acceptable +4 to +10s/day or so. It is now on wrist-test, enjoying the bright Scottish sunshine. Another 404 member is welcomed to the club. EDIT: On reflection, the case back says 031288 so the case, or at least the case back, was probably made in 1988... so probably a re-dial, but none the less, not a bad looking watch all things consodered. It is an HMT after all, not a IWC.
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    Old lucien picard

    Wow... I just did a little googleification on the subject of Licien Pic(c)ard. It seems there is quite a convoluted history there. The brand started life as a quality watch maker, and most of the output until around 1968 appears to remain reasonable quality. Things get a little "wooly" after that, with the recent history being a series of venture capital and shell companies trading on the once good name, as is so often the case with the lesser Swiss brands. Around 2017 the name appears to have gone under for the umpteenth time, no doubt to re-appear in its latest zombie garb when some other brand leech acquires it. As to the different spellings, I didn't find anything so far, but given the rest of the brand's history, piccard,picard,picccard,piccccard, the choice is yours.
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    Yes, unfortunately it’s a movement specific solution but I’m a bit of a tool fanatic so I don’t mind a tool for every task (within reason)
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    Cousins search function is funky. It returns a lot of bogus results. I just tried your search, and it certainly did come up with parts that were not AS1240. If I specified cap jewel, it came up with no results. My impression is that Cousins does not do returns unless the part is defective or was shipped incorrectly, being a wholesaler they expect you to know what you want :-) Learning how to navigate the minefield of watch parts purchasing is part of learning the repair game, and I don't think it's going to get any easier over time. Don't get discouraged, though, just don't make any assumptions, and verify what you are ordering before you pull the trigger! Cheers
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