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    Just took apart my very first ETA cal. 2824-2 (17 jewels), and I took a picture of every step. Mark Lovick “assisted me” with a sure hand as I went along (thank you!), so my pictures (more or less) replicate his disassembly procedure. The general idea is that I first take a picture of the part that I’m about to remove (pretty much centred in the picture), and the following picture shows the part along with any screws that held it in place. I’ve used an iPhone 6s with a macro lens to take the pictures and I’ve strived to obtain as much focus as I possibly can so that it will be easier to find the right screws during assembly. The pictures are stored on my OneDrive and should be sorted by name (default is photo date) in ascending order. I’ll post my assembly pictures in this thread once I’m done (waiting for a new mainspring, Moebius 8217, Moebius 8981, and Lubeta v105). Disassembly pictures here!
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    Yes, if the escape pivot is broken, the seconds hand will go pratt and whitney. There is also a chance the pallet jewels are disalleigned and let escape teeth to escape.
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    That can easily be the escape wheel which has broken one or both pivots, and is not resting anymore against the pallets.
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    ETA 2824-2 Practice round

    Since I have a restless brain I today decided it was time to practice on an ETA2824-2 Movement. I pulled the practice 2824-2 movements box out and blindly picked a specimen. But soon I realized the pictures probably are so many it would be hard to upload. So I made it to a two part PDF series instead. Part 1 2824-2 Disassemble.pdf Part 2 2824-2 Assemble.pdf
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    Eyes.. plural? Surely you just need one large eye for a loupe like that.
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    Hahahahaha!!! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Nice pics, just pop a message if you need some parts . Keep up the good work!
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    Interesting and nice movement. The canon pinion is attached to a drive wheel which is a different design than the norm, if my memory serves me well when I serviced one a few years ago I have had to replace this wheel due to lack of friction.
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    Watch of Today

    I suppose You could refinish as suggested.I think it looks great as is.
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    Wow. Excellent, Impressive as your sending of the proble inside the movement.
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    First check well if the pivots are still there and straight. And then you need patience, and developing dexterity. I think some good advice has been given in the other thread you had opened.
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    Omega C.342 service

    If you have cleaned the movement, then the pallet fork should not be installed at this point. Install it after all of the train wheels are in. With the watch in a movement holder, carefully place all of the train wheels in their proper order and in their jewel holes. Then place the upper plate over the wheels gently and as close to level as you can. At this point you could use a piece of peg wood to apply gentle pressure to the top plate and turn the center wheel to watch for all train wheels to move smoothly. It really is a matter of learning the “touch” of acceptable pressure and nudging the wheels into their pivots. Comes with experience. Once you have them in place, continue to hold the peg wood in place until you get the plate screws in. Then slowly tighten the plate screws, always checking that the wheels are still moving freely.
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    Think there is a tab to press to release the stem and crown that you need to put on the "new" movement. But that's about it. What is the trouble with the old 5606 movement?
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    had to give up the bikes. Kawasaki voyager, and 96 gpz1100 with ABS great bike for the money. but having my back fused from T11- S1 kinda left no room to play. So at age 70 I have moved on to other interests. not easy but necessary. Now I would like to build a watch. paul
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    Found the spring on my computer desk the other side of the room [emoji2359]... Ordered the parts from cousins, just in case I need them. Thanks for the help Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    If they do arrive with a little oxidation, this may be one of those extremely rare times when WD40 is appropriate for watch parts. Squirt some in the bag with the "tropicalised" hairsprings and leave it overnight to do its thing. Clean off the excess and polish the springs with a little 000 wire wool and they may then pass muster.
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