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    Dial looks original. It should be the Yin to the Yang of the one I posted above. As a bonus, the seller claims it actually works, which is a relative rarity for prospective 404 club members. I think I may swap out the steel strap though.
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    Hi oldhippy my wife speaks and reads almost fluent French so I asked her to look at this and this is her interpretation. It looks like his Name was Hugh De Pierrepont, He was resident in Neufchatel, in the lower Seine region of Upper Normandy. The de in french means of or from, so it could mean that Pierrepont was an area of Neufchatel, or that he originally came from Pierrepont. I have Identified 4 towns/villages called Pierrepont and 4 towns called Neufchatel, non are together but two are in Normandy. In summary He was Hugh from Pierrepont Del
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    Hi there i’m French and May can help here. Answers were right for both of them. “De” is the first part oft he name usually for noble people and was used to give information about the place where the person was. I confirm that the haute Normandie etc... is the address here in France but you need the street I guess. Nico
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    Rolex daytona spring bar size

    Thanks I've found them on Cousins
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    Rolex daytona spring bar size

    Be careful, those spring bars are only suitable for rolex watches with holes through the lugs. On modern daytonas (16520, 116520) you need this type: https://www.ebay.com/itm/310304839325?ul_noapp=true (This is just an example for the needed type, I don't know if the parts from this seller are good quality.)
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    Help needed with sweep seconds

    the 532 was limited production for the military, only a few thousand pieces made, and they were only made for the marines with the white dial. If you google search USMC elgin 532 you will see it. I have seen black dial versions but I believe they were for civilian use. The watch was quickly replaced with the 539 since the 532 was a non hacking movement. The 539/ and other A-11 movements started the whole military hacking movement wave. It has since been the standard for any military watch.
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    Many years ago, when the world was young, I picked up some dead "talking watches" in Tandy (the UK brand name of RadioShack). I managed to get a couple of them to function, however their whereabouts is now a mystery. While trawling the bargain basement of ebay's watch lots, I have seen quite a number of talking watches, but they invariably go for a lot more than the 404 club rules allow. However I saw a couple of these today, and put my pocket money bid on them fully expecting them to go for nearer £20 to £30. However I was wrong. I now have two talking watches heading my way, for the princely sum of £2.30 each +P&P More novelty items for the collection.
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    I spotted this unloved 1940s or 1950s charmer, put my usual bid on and got it for considerably less, so I now own an "Ostalba 15 jewels - Swiss Model" I have no idea what is inside, but the seller did claim it is "in working order". How could you not love this little gem?
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    I put away my cartridge razor

    No razors for me. I have had a beard for over 40 years. Took me about 3 weeks to grow a full beard. Started out black and its now grey. I do have it trimmed regular, to keep it tidy now I am older which is something I never did. I used to look like a tramp, so I was told and would just laugh. I used to hate shaving years ago so took the easy way out. My photo was taken a long time ago must be around 30 years when I was teaching I T in Dorchester.
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    I’ve gotten the best results from 3 small drops, 120 degrees apart. It will slip for a little while the grease spreads but I’ve found that to leave behind even less than a full thin layer. You don’t want a lot. A friend gifted me with some Rolex TEPA and that stuff is amazing for barrel walls so I just use that now.
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