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    A lovely little lusina

    My father recently asked if I would service his wrist watch which he bought from the NAAFI at RAF Akrtiri in Cyprus during his national service days. The watch came to me as ticking, but the oil on the keyless works had gummed up like tar, making it almost impossible to wind without fear of doing some damage. Anyway, here are a few before and after photos. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    I have found with these vintage style of watches the wear of the pivot holes is a real problem. If cleaned and lubricated and providing the H/S is in good condition you can get them going. However don't expect positional stability or great readings on your timographer.
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    Ever since I saw Andy Hulls Mao ZeDong watch it has haunted me in my dreams so after a long search I found one, the search has been a safety percaussion from my side so I wouldn't find a specimen which would give me the urge to poke my eyes out with forks while working on the watch! But a curiousity inside me have driven me to bravely explore these movements too. The watch is not for me but a treat for my better half thats why I broke the budget and Went all in with a bid of approximately 10£ ...lol It's a Guangzhou Five Goat Watch Company Dixmont Mao Ze Dong 100 year anniversary watch ( I think) in its original box. Just the Company name should give respect in any cirumstances. When I get my hands on the Watch i will take some better photos and ofcourse get in touch with the company and ask for the watches history. Here are some photos from the dealer and I will ofcourse document my adventure with this beauty.
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    oh boy, here we go again

    So it's been a really really long time. We moved, much bigger house that needed lots of repairs but closer to my work and much better schools for the Kids- yeah we had another one of those too Now I've reached a point that I can start working on my workshop (woodworking and beer brewing) area and also my watchmaking area. To celebrate this and my recent birthday I picked up a 1970 Bulova Sea King Automatic 11 ANACB. Currently it has several issues but hopefully, they will get resolved quickly! Dan
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    New additions

    A used Hublot Classic 1530.2 Steel and 18k Gold 36mm And a NIB SUPER SEA WOLF ref# ZO9263 40mm Does anyone know what movement is in the Hublot? And if its decorated? Sent from my SM-G965U using Tapatalk
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    Vintage Seiko faceted crystals????

    So looks like the item is discontinued as suspected. Would you happen to know the thickness of the crystal? Esslinger has a bunch of crystals that will work for the 29mm diameter, i just want to make sure i'm getting the thickness close. Thanks again for your help!
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    Thanks Nucejoe! That is a very kind offer. I am still learning much about watch repair and this watch one of my test cases. I don't feel too bad if I muck up these movements.
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    I look forward to seeing Five Goat's finest in a future post. More Mao madness please.
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    Looks very much like fhf1146 . Check with Dr ranfft
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    Hi C ; Do you have a staking tool? and can you staff BW's ? If so give caliber No, in which case I make you a deal you shouldn,t refuse, even though you can. I supply the staffs, you staff the wheels, 50/50. Each sids pays for one leg of shippin. This offer is extended to all. Providing staff be available in my locality.
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    In the flight lounge

    If you mean railroad, my answer would be no. I think the movement and its condition is too good. It could be for someone who has something to do with the R R and also a freemason. Someone who does not get his hands dirty.
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    Mysterious 7750 Chrono Bridge

    I see noirrac1 found the data, this might have been in a Hamilton Khaki Field Chronograph. It is a nice treat getting to see this beauty, thank you.
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    I ended up getting a new stem. I figured I'd try that before I filed down the tube. Well, so far so good. I got rather lucky, as I snipped the stem one time and got it right where I wanted it. Any shorter I would have been shortening the tube anyway. The wind/set transition could be smoother. However, since it's my own watch, I'll just live with it. The watch is running now, and seems to be keeping good time over the past hour or so. Unfortunately, I did leave a little of my signature scratch on the dial up by the one. I was putting the case over the movement to protect the dial and let go of it too early. Figures, right? If the watch really is fixed this time, I'll be happy, as I have very little into it money-wise. Time-wise well, that's another story,. Thanks to all for contributing opinions, tips, etc. Cheers.
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    Mysterious 7750 Chrono Bridge

    Its a variant of this:
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    Mysterious 7750 Chrono Bridge

    A05H21 Sent from my SM-G950U using Tapatalk
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    Making a leather steampunk clock

    I made a new frame for this clock, sort of a shadow box so the dial and hands are not open and entered this in a show along with a few other pieces of leather art in a show. If anyone in Toronto is interested the link is: www.bist.ca/art
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    Bergeron Automatic Oilers, yes or no?

    Got the oiler (Bergeon 1A) and I'm very pleased! It's easier to use than I thought it would be and it works perfectly. It's all that I hoped it would be! For anyone interested I made the following video:
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    Hello from NYC!

    Hi Eric, welcome to the happy factory.
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