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    Had to make a balance staff for an Elgin 16S Pocket watch. Used the old on as a sample and cut 90% of the staff without flipping it around. The pivots were 0.12mm and I needed to use the Jacot tool to remove material from the pivots for the final fit. As well, I shaved too much material off the hairspring side and needed to reduce the size of the collet with my staking set. Also needed to adjust the hairspring as it moved when I compressed the hairspring. Photos and video(hairspring collet reduction) Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk Pro
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    Watch of Today

    There's no way that I could ever match Andy's skill. I won't even try. As he's allowing 4.04 per watch, I'm going to fudge just a bit and allow myself 10X that amount. Today's catch was below that figure. It is the Wenger Commando Chronograph, cal 1243.01, Ronda 5030.d with 13 jewels. This movement is HAQ certified with an accuracy of +/- 7 seconds/year. Battery life is projected to be 54 months and it has a reputation for delivering it. I received the original metal display box and all original paperwork. The movement is completely repairable but again, economics would indicate replacement as the Swiss made version is available for less than $50 new. The Swiss parts (6 jewels) version is about half that cost. Landed cost for this watch to my door including shipping was $35.
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    Fake Omega

    This is what I love about this forum, no one gets really snotty over a rep/fake post, we all chime in with constructive comments which makes it quite enjoyable.
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    Rotor bearing replacement

    How did you know the bearing need be replaced. Simple clean and oiling may be all you need.
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    Hot, or cold?

    There is a PhD at the very least, and perhaps a Nobel prize for anyone who can invent an entropy containment field I can place around my work area to prevent parts randomly vanishing, only to then randomly re-appear many hours or days later (or perhaps never, in some cases).
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    Seiko 2706 Hi Beat. I’ve lost a part!

    I might have a spare. I will check tomorrow.
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    and here it is ready to wear.
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