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    L&R master cleaning machine

    Have a look here. https://www.watchrepairtalk.com/topic/903-elma-master-watch-cleaning-machine-wiring-diagramuser-manual/
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    IWC 66 Finger piece.

    Yes it is actually probably was the easiest way, now the winding is effectively blocked as it should so now you can wind it to IWC specs.. Here is the new finger fitted onto the arbour.
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    What makes a quartz watch "tick"

    I do not like any timepiece that is quartz.
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    Quartz watch! Keeps losing time!

    Maybe time the second hand, is it spot on 60 secs per rotation? Perhaps check it's position exactly on the minute after an hour or two.
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    Timex Monroe

    I have been working on some of my older pieces and today chose this 1953 Monroe. 3 step ultra sonic cleaning, lube, grease, polish and even a new old stock crystal. Running like a champ. Also show with an advert from the era and an original copy of the letter Timex sent out to service shops. This letter accompanied the 1961 service manual and registered the shop for future service publications.
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    Problem with Pocket watch

    Found the problem . The leaf spring was not pressing the hour gear down as it was not there. So when you turned the watch around the hour gear would fall slightly and the gear touching the hour gear would jam. I managed to find a leaf spring and adjusted the hole size so it fit over the gear. Now the watch works well in all positions. So it was a kind in end shake:) Thanks all. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk Pro
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    Some past projects and keepers!

    Hi All, Now, to start with I should say that my watch repaires are nowhere near the caliber (......see what i did there?) of some on this forum, but everyone started somehwhere right? Up until now I have been into costmetically restoring watches that run but have been somewhat unloved. Out of that I have started getting into the mechanical side too, I'm currently building up a FL Twin Power movement (one that I did not take apart) using the age old "yep, that seems to fit there" and "hmm that doesn't look quite right" methods! Some resources on this very forum have also been extremely useful. I can get the odd dead watch re-started, but a full strip down, service and rebuild is where i would like to get to. As i say mainly cosmetic work, the interest for me is taking something that looks completely unloved and turning into something that will be cherished. My watches have been bought for birthday presents, wedding presents, something that's being bought specifically to hold onto and pass down to the next generation, and that's what it's all about for me. Anyway, some examples for y'all Hamilton Self-Winding: Stunning Louis Erard Triple Date: Longines: Omega Geneve (never did try to sort that bottom lug out just in case): Oris 15 Jewel: Oris Super: Roamer Popular: Rotary 17 Jewel GP: 70s Seiko Auto: Seiko SeaHorse: Tissot Visodate Seastar Seven: Tudor: Old Timex: Thought I'd leave it there as you're probably getting a bit bored That's probably about 10% of the watches I've done over the past couple of years!! In terms of my own 'keepers', I don't actually have that many. A couple below: Tissot Seastar that I fell in love with the moment i put it on: Oversized Tissot Antimagnetique, which i sold and then pretty much begged the buyer to sell back to me. Which he did.....but failing to mention that hands were fused together. So i wound it not realising, and it's now broken and slightly in bits In the future I'd very much like to aquire a genuine military issued chronograph, that will be my significant investment watch i think. Hope you like! Matt
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    Tool porn!

    Some of mine Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk Pro
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