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    Radon Hazards of Luminous Timepieces

    In this months BHI mag (November 2018) is an article “Radon Hazards of Luminous Timepieces” Understanding Risks From vintage watches. Luminous timepieces really took off during the Great War, when a wristwatch with a luminous dial quickly became regarded as a necessity. The hazards of radium paint were highlighted by the story of the “Radium Girls”, luminous dial painters of the 1920s not only shaped their brushes with their lips ,but painted their teeth, lips and eyebrows with luminous radium paint, consuming significant amounts of radium. When Radium enters the body it results in cancers and many died from this. The problem for us watch repairers is detecting if the vintage watch you are repairing/servicing has a radium dial or hands is not easy. Radio-luminescent paint ceases to glow after a few years, so lack of glow from the paint is not a reliable indication of whether it is radioactive or not. The only way to be 100% sure is to use a radiation detector. Conclusion Radiation and radon gas from radio - luminescent paint a potentially dangerous to watch collectors and repairers. Open storage in living or working areas that contain potential Radio-luminescent paint should be avoided. For those who regularly work on vintage watches should invest in a radon detector. If not sure use a mask when disassembling and store the dials and hands under cover and wear finger cots when handling.
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    Hello from Watford U.K

    Been collecting Timex for some time have a pretty good collection. I have changed a few moments and crystals but other than that I'm still learning how to work on watches. I really like vintage I have a couple of bulova's and Orients also. Sent from my HTC_2Q4D100 using Tapatalk
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    Solid 18K Gold Lug Repair Advice

    Got the watch back today, very happy with the repair, quite seamless. Sorry about the terrible photo!
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    D. I. Y. Watch Timing Machine.

    Dear Sirs. I share with you a record recording of a Omega Lemania Caliber 9160A. 18000 bph stopwatch. According to my records it presents approximately 4.8 seconds of advance. The beat error is approx 0.2ms and the amplitude is 270 degrees or so. The elevation angle is adjusted by 41 degrees. I share it because someone can be useful. I also want to inform you that to pick it up I am using a caiman clamp to which I soldered a 27mm piezo electric disk with a modified PYLE PP444 preamplifier. In addition to improve the sound and filter unwanted noise I am using the applications for windows: PEACE + APO EQ I also leave a screenshot of the configuration. There are 30 seconds of recording that can be played as a loop. https://mega.nz/#!HaQFTSxA!FATJQ6XI8FYjQBBGqtPjvdVj1i6bZp7RwI5uBgaL7ng
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    One of my favorite examples of surgeon's thinking & God Complex comes from the old TV show MASH: "I always knew I was going to be a surgeon. When I was a child I used to dissect frogs." "Lots of kids dissect frogs." "Yes, but I could put them back together."
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    Solid 18K Gold Lug Repair Advice

    morningtundre is right. Get it gold soldered. The higher the carat the softer the gold. You need to have it repaired properly.
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    I’d recommend taking it to a jewelers to ask about gold solder. Epoxy could be messy and usually ends up where you don’t want it. Beautiful watch and worth doing properly IMO... Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Awesome Watchmakers Desk From Ikea Stuff!

    Found this while looking for ideas for my new watchmakers space in our new place... I think it's Awesome! Based on the parts list, it seems it would cost just shy of $500 to build. Looks like a $1500+ unit if you ask me! Here's the link that list the different parts... http://www.ikeahackers.net/2014/03/ikea-watchmakertable.html
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