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    Remove the auto wind module. Disassemble, thoroughly clean everything apart from the reversers. Meticulously peg-out every pivot hole. Re-assemble. If the old reversers were working fine, install them. Do not lubricate the rotor bearings at this stage. Test...if ok swap in the new reversers. Test...if ok tiny drop of 9010 on 2 rotor bearings. Test. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    ESA 9162 Tuning fork movement

    Given at least some similarity to the Accutron, I wonder if someone who works primarily on those would be willing to take this one? Oldfathertime.com and accutrons.com are the two places I know of. Sent from my ONEPLUS A5000 using Tapatalk
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    Finished another balance staff

    Just finished making yet another balance staff. The big problem I had was that after I Jacot to pivots down to size, the balance itself was slightly warped causing the balance to rub against the palate fork plate. I managed to straighten it using caliber and fingers. Works well now. Fun day. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk Pro
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    Roxedo Manual Wind EB 8800

    Hi @AndyHull - ah there you are! Wondered what had happened as no 'Thanks' or 'Like' tag to earlier advice. To help further though ... ... a really useful resource is Dr. Roland Ranfft's website on watch movements. So if you google, for instance, ranfft EB8800 and click on the first link that comes up you'll see your movement along with those in the same family. On the left under 'Data' you can see the info that shows that these movements came with 0, 1, 17 or 21 jewels, run at 18,000 A/h etc. On the right you'll see the family information. In general then, yes, you can exchange parts within the same immediate family e.g. they have the same ligne size, same amplitude etc.. Most often a movement family starts with a base manual wind model ... then the next step is to add a date ... then a day ... then an automatic etc. No reason that a common part from one member of the family won't fit another movement in the same family. The maker of the watch (Adrem vs. Roxedo in your case) is not relevant ... it's the movement (family) that is. Your budget watch seems to be coming on nicely and is a really good (and cheap!) way to find your way around a movement etc.
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    Watch Batteries.

    Not all batteries are created equally, theses are 1961 W-1 batteries. not bad for 57 year old cell batteries but yes, I never leave a cell in after I let the watch cool off after wearing it.
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    ESA 9162 Tuning fork movement

    I have two watches with the same movement not working. Eterna Sonic and one Omega f300. I am looking for help to have these serviced. Is it ok to ask for this in this forum?
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    ESA 9162 Tuning fork movement

    So the first link is interesting You'll notice somebody is asking about the exact same person you're asking about. So on this discussion group he goes by the name of Silver Hawk Versus his real name of Paul. So the indication is if the contact page is open he should reach out to you as soon as he catches up with his backlog of watches. https://www.thewatchforum.co.uk/index.php?/topic/120945-electric-watches-couk/ https://electric-watches.co.uk/contact-me/
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    ESA 9162 Tuning fork movement

    These are really interesting watches some improvements over the Bulova. You can separate the electronic module from the rest of the watch. There's even a calibration device built inside providing somebody put it back where they found it. The biggest challenge of course is finding parts for these watches. So interesting video at the first link. Second link in case you lose your mind and want to service it yourself. Third link interesting pictures of different tuning fork watches and you'll notice this person services these type watches. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fNUIRJsTyVw http://www.timetrafficker.com/about/watch-care/pdf/esa-9162-repair-manual.pdf https://electric-watches.co.uk/movement-types/tuning-fork/
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    ESA 9162 Tuning fork movement

    Thats good to hear, now I only need someone to help me servicing them.
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    ESA 9162 Tuning fork movement

    I'm unable to answer your question, but I'm wondering if these movements are the same as or similar to the original Bulova Accutron movements?
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    So it finally happened; a broken inca spring ... I’m working on this nice eta 2391 movement and the last bit in reassembly is to open and put in the incabloc. And one spring leg just falls off when opening the darn thing.... This being a first I’m asking for advice how to proceed. The spring appears completely locked into its position, I can see no way to remove it as things are. So I presume the entire inca seating has to be pushed out from the other side, at least a bit, to allow for slipping out the broken one and sliding in the new and then pushing the seating in again? If so, obviously requires removal of the h/s. Am I looking in the right direction here? Or are there other and hopefully simpler methods? Photo of my part is attached. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
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    Right you are and lucky I am, there’s indeed a clip holding the seating. And when mentioned, I have seen that on other movements but never considered why it was there. Should be a walk in the park or maybe not :-) from here. I hope that assortment of inca springs I bought a while ago from Cousins has one that fits... Thanks for the help, much appreciated! Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
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    You need to see the other side of the balance bridge as to whether you're lucky or you're going to need special tools. If you're lucky there's just a clip that can be slid out and the entire assembly comes out otherwise it has to pushed out with tools.
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    Poising Question

    Hello, is there any way to get some info about the watch. For example movement name and number etc. Also after servicing what kind of readings are you getting on the timing machine? Thanks
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    Agree with Andy I have removed lightish scratches with various grades of wet & dry & Cerium Oxide. However the deep ones are really difficult to remove and then the optics don't look correct after all the elbow grease. In my opinion its better to just change the crystal.
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    Roxedo Manual Wind EB 8800

    You're doing the right thing investigating and finding your way around an inexpensive movement to start with! It's difficult to say if there may be other problems. This is a simple and sturdy pin lever movement but if there was an incident that was violent enough to break the pins from the pallet fork that doesn't bode well! My attention was also immediately drawn to the fact that there would normally be a jewel in that balance wheel but you have none .... however a quick check shows the EB 8800 came in 0, 1, 17 and 21 versions so you must have the base model with no jewels. It is possible to still get spare parts for vintage movements. If you go to https://www.cousinsuk.com/category/filter/eb-movement-parts for instance and select 8800 as the EB Calibre Number and then click 'Search For Items' you'll see all the parts it's possible to get for your 8800. These are prices ex-VAT and you'd need to factor in postage. You can see that you'll soon rank up a bill where just the spares outweigh the whole value of your movement so... ... assuming you want to continue then your best bet would be to source another (or more than one) spare 8800 movement from a site like ebay and then exchange parts as necessary i.e. make one good movement from the two (or move) movements you have.
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