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    Tick by frame?

    Thought I'd try something different.... My first every stop frame video... https://youtu.be/srqzHXbt3DI
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    Looking at your timegrapher results it shows a big improvement but things are not perfect. If it was me I would re-clean the balance and escape again and inspect for any loose pallet stones etc. The auto spring should slip but not until almost a full wind. If it does not have a full wind before slippage the watch will have very little power reserve. My method is to place three small amounts of lubrcant to the barrel wall.
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    I’ve gotten the best results from 3 small drops, 120 degrees apart. It will slip for a little while the grease spreads but I’ve found that to leave behind even less than a full thin layer. You don’t want a lot. A friend gifted me with some Rolex TEPA and that stuff is amazing for barrel walls so I just use that now.
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    Sorry about the downtime today

    Working perfectly today [emoji4] Thank you very much !!! Envoyé de mon Moto G (5) Plus en utilisant Tapatalk
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