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    Just want to say thank you

    I’m going through some medical challenges that will leave me an armchair horologist. It’s very calming to log into WRT for the sometimes scholarly, always good humoured banter. People from around the world doing what people do best, making friendships, sharing information. Long may it continue! Neil Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Welcome to new members from the Moderators

    On behalf of "Watch Repair Talk" moderators, I would like to extend a warm welcome to all new members. This is a friendly place with plenty of knowledgeable people who have varying degrees of horological expertise, the great thing is they are willing to share that invaluable knowledge and help one another. To help us keep things running smoothly, I would ask all new members to read the forum rules and place their posts in the correct sections.
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    Omega is paranoid with their technical documentation so any of the newer stuff is watermarked. That means I'm going to just snip out the relevant material for you. I'm assuming you've removed some of the parts? I think the date jumpers usually found under the plate. Then the date driving wheel has been updated and they even have a separate technical bulletin which covers that and its adjustment which I've attached. Then at the link below discussion about 1563 and similar watches which I think you'll find interesting. http://goldsmithwatchworks.com/our-pdf/563-OMEGA.pdf
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    ESA 942.711

    Hi, I have never had one of these in. However it appears from your photo that the LCD is powered through an elastomer flexible contact strip. If this is the case then remove the elastomers and thoroughly clean them in Isopropyl alcohol and the glass contact area as well. If this is the problem then this treatment should cure it. Careful with that soldering iron !!!! Regards, Mike. PS. You may need to put a small insulator under the -ve battery terminal ??
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    Hello from Sydney

    Welcome to the forum
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    Watch of Today

    Reminds me of a Tissot, down to the flat-side caseback! Anilv
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    Watch of Today

    Driving the desk today, so got an OG desk diver on the go. Duward Aquastar Oceanic. A 200m rated EPSA Super Compressor with an Adolph Schild 1903 movement. Keen to find a 21** version of this movement to play with if anybody has one laying about.
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    Cleaning Solutions, UltraSonic and not

    I recently bought a watch cleaning machine from a retired watchmaker, when I collected the machine the jars already contained solution, the watchmaker told me the rinse jars contained isopropanol. I did ask him what effect on the shellac holding the pallet jewels would the isopropanol have, saying I would be worried that it would dissolve. He said he had used it since Benzine had been unavailable to use, and as long as I rinsed for no more than 15min in each wash there would not be a problem. He also said it was very quick to evaporate in the drying stage and left no residue. I have ordered new cleaning solution and rinse solution from Quadralene and intend to use these. I have though cleaned 4 watches last week in the solutions in the machine and have not had a problem. Today I decided to test and see how long it took to actually dissolve the shellac, The image above shows 3 Russian and one Swiss set of pallets and the shellac can clearly be seen. I have been using the solution for 15min each rinse and have not had a problem so I put the pallets in a isopropanol rinse for 1hr to see what effect it had On the Russian pallets it has greatly degraded the shellac and almost totally washed it away on one, but on the Swiss pallets it has not even touched the shellac on those. I will not use isopropanol again in a cleaning machine and intend to try a similar test with the Quadralene rinse to see how shellac friendly that is because the data sheet doesn't specify what ingredients are in it, but quadralene did tell me they have many watchmakers who buy their rinse and have not had any problems.
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