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    I had a need to safely remove a C clip holding in two pusher buttons and thought I would share my method on the forum. I had a spring bar removal tool with a solid pin on one end and a scalloped forked end on the other. I placed a small bit of rodico on the bottom side of the clip and turned the C <- gap facing up. As you can see in the picture, I simply used the forked end that was the perfect gap to push off the c clips. I installed by getting the clip in place, C gap facing down, and used a #200 flat screwdriver blade and carefully pressed down to lock in place. I used the case wall to keep the c clip and push button slit in line. Don't attempt to push the c clip back on with the button pressed all the way in, use the wall of the case to help keep the clip straight in line. Hope this helps someone.
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    I never knew

    So when I was a kid I remembered, amazingly, my grandparents had this cool clock they I thought was amazing and I would watch it will the time in it's glass case spinning. I've now just learned that it's called a 400 day clock. They moved and I'm unsure if they even still have it but now I want one so bad. I've seen them on eBay with the suspension spring broken and that seems to be the only problem. They go for peanuts. So I was wondering, obviously the hard part would be sourcing the part and I'd have to get that “Bible” of 400 day holovars. There could of course be more wrong with it. I've worked on a few watches I'm no expert but those clocks intrigue and fascinate me so that I just have to have one. Just wondering what are major issues with them, besides the suspension spring which is obviously, probably, the most common problem because they're so sensitive. Any thing else I might want to know, all is appreciated, thanks.
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    Valjoux 7733 stem

    Have worked on this particular watch. But some valjoux cases has a little edge or lip where the case clamps should sit under. The case clamps should press the movement down . Not lifting it up. Maybe you need to reverse the clamp so the bend is up towards the case back. If it's to low in the case you are maybe missing something in the case. Missing a tension ring on the crystal or wrong crystal. Could be lots of things that is wrong.
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    I never knew

    Len I have never come across this clock but have read about it. However removing plates from any clock without letting down the mainspring/s is asking for trouble. This particular clock requires the wheels to be wedged with peg wood & then the escape is removed then the wheels are let down slowly with the aid of stiff gloves and protection to your eyes.
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    I never knew

    The German Time Bomb.. Hi All, Can I give a word of warning about…“THE GERMAN TIME BOMB” S HALLER 400 day Anniversary clock, to warn THE NEW MEMBERS of the danger of these clocks. I went to an auction and bought one of these clocks complete with glass dome all in very good condition, got it home and wound it up, I started the balls moving, but it kept stopping..Not knowing anything about setting these clocks up, I thought I would have a look inside to see if anything was obviously wrong perhaps the spring was dry. I undid the 4 screws on the back plate, and suddenly without any warning BANG the back shot off, the spring flew out in pieces. I was very lucky, all I received was a gash to the palm of my hand, which was half an inch away from my wrist, the plastic wheel complete with some of the long spring, hit me in the chest, and yes it did hurt!!.. “Newbees” should NOT mess with these clocks..These clocks are dangerous, the springs need to be let down before any attempt at taking the back plate off, there is a way, but not with any letdown tools. Many people have had these clocks sitting on the side or on a shelf and without warning explode and the glass dome goes everywhere the plastic wheel disintegrates and that’s when they go BANG. Len
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    Jose G

    Watch case repair.

    Thanks, yes I got lucky you don't see to many of these watches around and they are almost impossible to find in good condition. I was lucky the other day and found a green one NOS. Sent from my SM-G920P using Tapatalk
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    Beginner: Messed up hair spring

    Hmm. I am not a professional, but I have never seen a balance spring with that little rings/rounds... Can this run satisfactory and correct?
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    Pocket Watch and Jeans

    I used the small jean pocket to clip my pocket knife to. Interesting story though. Too bad watches aren't as popular add they should be here in the states, except smartwatches. I don't think I've seen anyone with a pocket watch here actually.
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    Pocket Watch and Jeans

    What about these Victorinox dress-pants? I saw them on a sale rack at Sports Chalet about 15 years ago. They have a clip for something attached inside the pocket. For pocket-watch? Pocket-knife? On the inside at the belt-line there is another pocket that has a nylon loop not too far away. So many choices...I might just have to try them on. If I remember correctly, they were fairly snug last time I did. Maybe they've grown a bit by now.
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    Pocket Watch and Jeans

    I have had a seemstress install the watch pockets on new jeans - any watch size you want.
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    First time lumed dial..

    Hi again DJW, if it makes life easier for you, do you have a suitable link to a website which explains the dial printing process please? As you might have noticed, the natives are restless and want to know more[emoji6] Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Building my own wristwatch. Help needed

    Make sure that mechanism parts are made of watch materials. Swiss makers like Patek Philippe use specific alloys for their watches with ideal cleanliness and structure. Metals should have properties similar to these http://www.kleinmetals.ch/shop/Datenblatt/E/chronifer-m-15x-aisi-431-steel-datasheet-455-1.pdf Also good alloys are 1095, 316 L, and 420.
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