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    At six o'clock its bang on too. Using the dial printing as a horizontal rule, with the hands set at six o'clock, I have four perfect right angles (45 degrees reference points). Agree with the slack on some movements, this movement is an Asian 7750 and it does indeed have quite a bit of play. Some people with these reps have far more unreal expectations of them than any of my genuine watch brand customers.
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    Maybe he should go to a optician instead
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    Do these hands (Hour & Minute) look misaligned to you guys? NO
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    Watch of Today

    Maratac GPT-2 with a Miyota 9015 movement. After regulating it with what I learned here it's keeping time dramatically better than what it was.
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    They look OK to me Micky. The hands project a line that splits the 6 perfectly. The 12 may be position slightly off on the dial, but very hard to tell fro a photo alone.
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    Have a read of this thread Alastair.
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    Jewel Cap Springs

    They are KIf size 2-2. I recommend you use a Kif shock tool or make one out of peg wood. I have removed with tweezers & peg wood but they can be real tricky without the correct tool. I have added a Bulova pdf showing the shock springs required. KIF_Bulova.pdf
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    D. I. Y. Watch Timing Machine.

    Tell us more about TIMETRAX. It looks interesting.
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    D. I. Y. Watch Timing Machine.

    Quick preliminary report on he new watch sensor I got is excellent!!! Was able to finally get a tracing that is identical to the Witschi!! Here are a few quick pics and I'll elaborate soon but I wanted to pass this along. Exciting!!!! Cheers! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    D. I. Y. Watch Timing Machine.

    I spoke at length at a club meeting this past week on the Watch-o-scope. It generated a lot of interest. One pair of watch enthusiasts approached me with a question as to whether Watch-o-scope could regulate an 8-day clock. The torsion-spring escapement on such a clock has a 12-15 second interval. The lowest selectable rate is 3600 bph (1 beat per second). The 8-day clock is between 240 - 300 bph. Could the software be modified to accommodate such a low rate?
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    I use these for small parts like Accutron index-wheels in the ultrasonic-- http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/2ml-test-tube-sample-vials-container-with-snap-cap-x-25-Freepost-/120916343579?hash=item1c272cfb1b:g:8VkAAOSwPe1Tz5aQ The advantage is--being a sorta softish plastic, parts bouncing round due to the ultra dont get damaged as could be possible using a glass bottle/vial/beaker, being semi sealed you can use any cleaning fluid you like in them with just water in the ultrasonic tank keeping cleaner fluids costs down --Yup. I'm a cheapskate!
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    Jewel Cap Springs

    @rogart63 is correct. DO NOT try doing without the tool. YOu might be able to get it off by nudging with tweezers, but you'll never get it on afterward and 99.99% chance it will fly into the Nth dimension. You can use these little tools: I also probably have spare parts for that movement...have to look. J
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    Timex Stem & Crown

    It's this sort of help that makes this place great!
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    Latest Purchase, took a gamble

    Name brand and everything...lucky! J
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    Servicing Cost

    Back in my days one of the first things I did after serving my full apprenticeship was to write too many of the watch companies and ask for a price list of their full watch service. I took in to consideration low and top grade watches. It was very easy to work out prices, one thing I ditched was part repairs, never worth the time, it would be a full service or the customer could find another watchmaker. A watch glass would be replaced at the owner’s risk, if anything went wrong it would be a full service. I never ever looked for work but I found the clock side more interesting and concentrated on that, I still did watch making but I cut it down.
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    Servicing Cost

    In truth after the outlay of tools it is a long while before any profit can be made repairing/servicing watches. The problem all watch repairers now face is now most use their mobiles to see the time. So in my opinion asking for more than £35 for a basic watch service is unrealistic. To make a living from watch repair you really do need to be truly competent with high end clocks and watches such as Rolex & Omega,s etc. Then you can comfortably charge £150 upwards for a watch service. However it is a very big step to take without a lot off experience and the correct equipment. It is so easy to cause damage to a watch. It only takes one slip and you as a repairer are in trouble with a £5k watch that a customer has entrusted in you to fix!!!!!
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    Check out my parts cleaning machine

    To be completely honest, even the entire Mars Volta album wasn't enough, so this one required a few Motorhead tracks on top of that. But here is the movement, resurrected: Ressurected.mp4
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    Check out my parts cleaning machine

    I bought eight movements on eBay for $25 shipped, and picked the nastiest dirtiest of the bunch (I added a red arrow and then provided a close up in the 2nd photo) to test my cleaning machine:
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    Basic Watch Oiling

    I use this when i can't find any answers from manuals and service pdf. Good place to start . http://www.nawcc-index.net/Articles/BTI-The_Practical_Lubrication_of_Clocks_and_Watches.pdf Have written it out and put them together so it's easy to find and read when i need.
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