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  1. Thanks for that George, your timing is particularly interesting as apparently you are using the "New" version of the Ronson fluid. Zippo bought them out in 2010 and changed the formula. It now has 30% naptha content. I am using cheap Bull brand fluid which according to the can is just Naptha ? Wonder if there are any Chemist types out there to advise. Anyway, it seems that Zippo lighter fluid is now in Ronson Cans. The main thing is that you have been using it for 3 years so it has to be the new formula and therefore ok.
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  3. I might be wrong but I think the higher the Naptha content the less film left behind. But I suppose the question is what is the film and is it really a problem. I am no purist by any sense of the word so if such a film is not a problem then I would not tend to worry too much but if the film is thick it could gum up the works I suppose. If Naptha does not leave a film, and, if as I think Zippo and Ronson have now got the same formula then the "film" mwilkes refers to is likely to be the the "light hydrotreated distillate" AKA Kerosene. This is used to bulk up the lighter fuel and is cheaper than the more highly refined naptha. I am looking at the Bull tin and the side says: "Contains Solvent Naptha (petroleum light aliph)" Swan brand also says the same thing and makes a point of putting extra refined on the front of the can. So my researches seem to indicate the more naptha the better to clean but then I have to think about what George is saying as the Ronson stuff does not affect shellac is that because 70% of the stuff is Kerosene or Parrafin which is basically an oil and it probably does leave a film or coating though I would expect it to be very fine and on a thing like a lever not really a problem and it obviously does the job if Geo has used it for years. Ok heres my take - unlike the specialised cleaners which cost considerably more we are talking about loose change so I am going to get some Ronson/Zippo to use when worried about shellac and I will continue to use the Bull/Swan for general stuff. - Unless of course someone provides further info to prove that is a bad idea. I am now mentally exhausted, is it too early for a drink ? - OK coffee it is. Cheers, Vic
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