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    Quartz Tester?

    Welcome to the forum ash.. yes there are so many ways to diagnose a quartz Watch .... to name it. this is a video but there are many others
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    Quartz Tester?

    A friend of mine who's an amateur, but very competent, repairer, has a machine on which he places the watch - minus battery. When he presses a button, the magnetic mechanism inside the machine kicks in and turns the watch movement and hands at high speed. If the hands and movement don't whizz round, he considers the quartz movement to be probably beyond repair - broken circuit board, faulty coil, etc. If the movement does run on the machine, then it may well be repairable. Apologies if you know this already - I speak as an observer - and apologies for not knowing what the machine's called! Oh - and a warm welcome to the forum!
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