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  1. I forgot that I had recently contacted an outfit in the Netherlands called Balancestaffs.com (gee, I wonder what they sell? :huh:) regarding my need for Staffs for the Hamilton's that I mostly work with. I heard back from them and was told they have 5 in stock and that for every 2 that I purchase I would get the third one free! At 19 Euros each that's a big savings! I bought all five and with shipping "only" cost me 82 Euros. I only wish they had 6 in stock because that one would have been free as well! That's still relatively expensive compared to other staffs, but nearly half of what my other quote was... I'm happy again! And, I actually turned 2 staffs today that are now installed into 2 Hamilton 917's and are running well! They look kinda ugly, but I focused most of my attention on finishing the pivots to the highest possible degree... It's funny, once you overcome an obstacle you look forward to completing the task again! Don
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