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Watch Repair Photographs

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  1. Next project. Updated

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    Geo Updated
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  2. WillFly Updated

    Movements I tinker with.
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    WillFly Updated
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  3. On The Bench. By Mark. Updated

    Interesting pics from my workbench
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    Mark Updated
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    • Thanks I will try that I have a Winterhalder triple fusee that has one gong that sounds flat no matter what I try, I shall oil the pad and see if that helps.
    • The type of wood and the shape of the case can affect the sound of the gongs. If the hammer pads are hard, apply a little oil, in time it will soften them up. 
      A very nice job in cleaning.
    • The case now looks far better, I suspect the clock had been in a cellar or shed because of the amount of stains, paint and cracking to the surface finish, sometimes there is no option but to totally strip off the old Lacquer, any clock before 1930 is almost certainly going to have a shellac based lacquer it does not react well to being kept anywhere damp and will deteriorate quickly in such conditions.
    • The door now opens easily, it was just hung wrong causing it to catch at the top.
    • The movement was in surprising sound condition under all the grime, I ran it for a week on my bench after cleaning, it kept stopping this I traced to insufficient tension on a spring on the Rack Hook which was causing it not to engage with the teeth on the rack correctly, causing the gathering pin to jam on the rack teeth and stopping the movement I shall now run it for a week as is and see if I encounter any more problems.The gongs hammers always require a lot of adjustment to get the best sound from the Gongs, who ever had serviced it before had the hammers in the wrong order, they are individually numbered so are easy enough to get right, its a process of trial and error adjusting and there's always one gong that insists on sounding flat but I have managed to get a pleasant tone from them.
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