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85 Years Old and back to the living !!

85 Years Old and back to the living !!
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Looking into my bin of movements i noticed one still trying desperately to move. Looking a little rusted and worse for wear was a silvered dial Cupillard 233 movement ( 1935 ), no hands, poor dial, and a movement barely alive.

Normally i would not have bothered but i figured wth lets see if she can run well again :)

With some TLC and rust removed the movement swings into action with a beat error of 0.1ms no less and within 60 seconds a day, not bad for 85 year old scrapy rust bucket.

New original Cupillard hour & minute hands fitted ( yes i have some old stock ha ha) and a dial thats looking half decent now.

When i find time i might make a little case for her, and maybe even a strap if shes good ;) 


Mr Beat  I have a Cupillard 233 movement in bits. It has a broken balance staff. I  bought a complete unit from Cousins. I would be grateful for a schematic for this movement if you can advise.

This watch was taken to pieces a few years ago and like you I would not bother with it normally but it has great sentimental value to a friend of mine and I would love to be able to fix it for him.

If anyone else can help I much obliged.


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Always great to see these lovely watches brought back to life. I hope to do the same with a 'butchered' Rolex from 1916, well done on your restoration.

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