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85 Years Old and back to the living !!

85 Years Old and back to the living !!
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Looking into my bin of movements i noticed one still trying desperately to move. Looking a little rusted and worse for wear was a silvered dial Cupillard 233 movement ( 1935 ), no hands, poor dial, and a movement barely alive.

Normally i would not have bothered but i figured wth lets see if she can run well again :)

With some TLC and rust removed the movement swings into action with a beat error of 0.1ms no less and within 60 seconds a day, not bad for 85 year old scrapy rust bucket.

New original Cupillard hour & minute hands fitted ( yes i have some old stock ha ha) and a dial thats looking half decent now.

When i find time i might make a little case for her, and maybe even a strap if shes good ;) 


Mr Beat  I have a Cupillard 233 movement in bits. It has a broken balance staff. I  bought a complete unit from Cousins. I would be grateful for a schematic for this movement if you can advise.

This watch was taken to pieces a few years ago and like you I would not bother with it normally but it has great sentimental value to a friend of mine and I would love to be able to fix it for him.

If anyone else can help I much obliged.


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I fixed the watch it is now functioning beautifully. Gains 2 seconds a day but my friend says he can live with that, so I'm happy to have bought it back to life.

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    • No sorry, just got a ting tang two hole round dial and a arched dial with chime silent and slow fast sub dials for a miniature ting tang, various movements and a full set of Westminster coils but no square dials spare. 
    • Just a question, do you have a square face with a chapter dial on it for a W&H, I have W&H westminster movement and I want to put it in the case, however I don't have a dial to fit it.
    • Sorry for the late response, I just noticed your masg.
      I need to check, I think jacob&co also arnold& son, not sure will check and inform you. One these preces are said to have the worlds only round diamond.
    • Yip that is right, if you do not have candle wax handy you can just cover the pine with clingfilm, however candle wax does the job fine. This method is simple and easy and can be used to make all sorts of shapes. On W & H I said I have a no name elm clock with 5 spiral gongs with the case that looks like your Lenzkirch I will dig it out from my boxes of clocks as I think the movement very close to the W & H you have in the photos. I also have a 4 glass bim bam 1/4 strike in as new condition with original locks and keys, I will also bring that out and take a few photos and maybe give the movement a good clean it is highly polished due to it is seen from every angle. 
    • I think I will leave this one as it is now but I have got a Gillett and Johnstone clock that was missing a grill on the back door, I bought a Winterhalder ages ago for spares the grill from that I cut to fit (Parts from that Winterhalder have been used on about four clocks) so I will try this to make the wood strips to hold that in place. Just to clarify I put the PVA on the veneer and by clamping it in the waxed pine shape cut it will set and keep the shape I have cut.
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