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    • Either way it is a good serviceable watch.
    • Yes, a bench opener. With the proper dies it opens any tight watch, as none of the tools you mentioned places vertical pressure on the caseback, nor holds the case securely. A two handles Jaxa opener also is a step forward. 
    • Thanks guys. Both books are on my wish list. I was curious about the pin b/c when the headstock was apart I noticed the pin was a tiny bit proud of the surface. No groove to turn it but it was obviously ground smooth. I was just debating what (if anything) I should do about it. It seems like the pin runs just at the back edge of the bearing but I'm not sure if its in the bearing or not..... Thanks again
    • Ok, let's make another example. Let's say I want collets like the below to cut holes in straps.  https://www.cousinsuk.com/product/hole-cutter-rotating-6-punches I suppose they should be hardened just like a notch cutter: https://www.cousinsuk.com/product/notch-cutter-pliers-cousins-swiss-style In my EU country only structural, stainless and leaded steels are available retail. I can still buy on Ebay of course, most sellers are from the UK but is not like they carry any US type like O W and such letters. There is no heat treatment company that does retail work. So far I've found that turning leaded stock on my small lathe produces acceptable results, not so much for structural, and I'm not even trying stainless at this time. These are my constrains, and of course a reasonable budget. How to proceed?
    • It does remove (and compress) material, but it could be just a micron or two to several hundredths or more. Burnishers as used on pivots always have a straight grain texture, this is in effect a micro file. When burnishing on a Jacot tool you are removing a small amount of material as well as work hardening it. It does increase the wear resistance of a pivot. When I make a balance staff I generally leave the pivots 0.01-0.02mm oversize and bring them down to final size in the Jacot tool.
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