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  2. Thanks for the response, I did think that! My local jeweller is booked up until after Xmas and I'm thinking of buying a cheap Ice-Watch to see if that is the case £10 might cost that to replace with labour etc anyway.
  3. After connecting the Yoke spring to the settings lever gmt/date / time setting work now like a charm. only winding does not work or it is so subtle I don´t see and hear it. I may have to buy a new winding pinion. This never rotates with the stem, or maybe its on the backside of the movement ? kind regards to all supporters happy Oliver
  4. AndyHull

    Revisiting an old hobby

    I think I may need therapy. In my defense, it was only two quid, and it is an HMT... and they have stopped making them.. and errr... its yellow... nope that last bit isn't really much of a defense. As someone much wiser than me said only a short while ago.. "I have to stop looking on eBay !! "
  5. ... sorry, I didn't quite catch what you said there, I was too busy looking on ebay...
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  7. Best method to flatten a coned H/S is to replace it with a new one. You work on coned h/s, in five years time you can,t see the spring without a loup, Within ten years you will need a loup to get in your car and within fifteen two loups to see your house. Joe
  8. Best method to flatten a coned H/S is to replace it with a new one. You work on coned h/s, in five years time you can,t see the spring without a loup, Within ten years you will need a loup to get in your car and within fifteen two loups to see your house. Joe
  9. The watch is only a month or so old from I tool it out of the box, so I have not opened it nor serviced it. But obviously it seems like the speed of the watch has changed. Also due to this weird reading on the timegrapher, something seems wrong.
  10. nichod

    Seiko SKX 009 movement

    Hand in the air and waving wildly.....The NH36/4R36 movements ("A" suffix means Day & Date) hacks and winds whereas the 7S26 does neither. I have wondered if they were interchangeable. I have one untouched 4R36A couple of years old that is a daily driver keeping within a couple seconds since last weeks setting. There seems to be some disparity about the stems. Most 7S26 watches have the 4 o'clock stem and 4R36 is at 3. I have seen recent offerings with a stem at 3 o'clock which do not hack/wind. Any clarification would be welcome.
  11. its more the skill to be fair, ive seen people in the watch world make pieces with make shift tools. that was the mistake a few years ago i made, spent a load of money on tools, but was lacking the skill. However... stunning piece of kit you have there,
  12. You have a milling attachment and a dividing plate, that's the base for making wheels and pinions. Hopefully the dividing plate has divisions that correspond to the parts you want to make. You will need basic (well, advanced) hand and bench tools any pro watchmaker would have. You will have to source cutters for your gear making. It is possible to make them but you would really need more complex equipment like a profile projector to do a decent job. You could layout the holes using the cross slide and milling attachment. Essentially you would have what the fellow at Adventures in Watchmaking blog has and he has gotten quite far in his project. It's taken him years but he's doing it. Some basic CAD software would be really helpful, as well as the Swiss NIHS norms book for designing your gearing. Couple of observations- the cross slide doesn't appear to have a graduated thimble on one axis, and the other (and the one on the milling attachment) are quite small. It appears to be set up "German style", that is, the headstock is to be used on the right. See the cross slide. You can't just flip the top slide around usually. And, on some of these old German machines the slide screws are 0.75mm pitch, so it can get a little nuts keeping track of where you are. AND- they are sometimes left-hand threaded, to the motion to advance is reversed from 99.9% of all other lathes. All that said it is still useful stuff. A friend of mine had an old Lorch with left-handed 0.75mm screws on the slide and he made up large graduated discs with pointers mounted near the cranks to make it a little user friendly. I tried it a couple of times but years of normal-sense screws wouldn't allow my brain to wrap around the reversed-ness.
  13. oldhippy

    Ice Watch Chrono Pusher Loose

    Many pushers are held in by a tiny circlip, so you could be right.
  14. As oldhippy says its a very complete lathe, but that is not all you need. You would still need a staking tool, jewelling tool and many other small tools and a lot of skill.
  15. Thanks. This was much as I thought the action should be. Wish me luck! Thanks, RMD
  16. It certainly comes with an abundance of attachments. Its down to having the skill to make a watch. I don’t expect you to make a hairspring with that lathe, or a mainspring. I do not see a motor in the photos. I see an indexing plate but do not know what measurements are on it. I have been very brief on this.
  17. Folkvisor

    Reducing Cannon Pinion Clutching Pressure

    Everything is now clean and working. It's quite incredible that the inside of a watch can get that filthy! Thank you for your help.
  18. Hi everyone I saw this lathe online and I'm wondering if it could manufacture a watch from scratch? I'm attaching pictures.
  19. I'm hoping someone can help me I have a BMW Motorsport Ice-Watch and the chronograph pusher has become loose. You can actually just pull it out so i'm guessing its definitely missing something? I can no longer change the date or time - Would I be right in thinking its missing a circlip or spring? Thanks guys i'm a new member here and appreciate all your help,
  20. Hi, The center tube is removable to brush, also a piece of thread run through the tube works to clean it,s inside. How about the rest of the minute train? All its parts can be brushed in cleaning fluid. Regards joe
  21. oldhippy

    Timegrapher - weird fluxation

    I would check the hairspring. Could be it is not completely clean or it could be magnetised. Make sure it is free and not rubbing on anything. Have you used the correct oil.
  22. clockboy


    Welcome, Enjoy the forum.
  23. As oldhippy states this is a difficult task and all have their issues. I have had a lot of success by removing the hairspring and then putting it on a balance tac and gently pushing down the HS it the raised area. I have found that very often it is the most inner part of the HS that has bent.
  24. vinn3


    welcom to the form. i don't worry about grama or spelling. vin
  25. Looks legit to me (but don't take my word for it) and in fantastic condition. If you can get for $25 (starting bid?) and the shipping is reasonable, then yes it's a steal!
  26. Lenj

    Is this an 8 day movement?

    That is a lovely French clock I would say c1890 with that outside count wheel.
  27. Thanks, I could fix the lossen stem problem, the stem is hold by the keyless works no problem. Position C ( time setting ) works quite good , date is changing as well and movement stops. Postion B ( GMT & Date ) does not work Position A ( winding ) does not work. I got to find schematics or learn to understand what happens in the several positions Well its a hard way to perfection : )
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