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  2. RyMoeller

    Running Oh So Fast

    Thanks for the responses. It's nice to see a consensus as it gives me confidence with what to do next. I noted also the dirty read on the timegrapher as @clockboy pointed out and will see if I can clean that up a bit. Apologies for not responding earlier- my wife's Mini Cooper blew up and the repair has kept me quite busy and away from the desk!
  3. JimmyD

    Where was this movement made?

    Well done wls1971, it was made in Japan. I did not repair it as it was easier to make the inside of the case fit a new German Regular movement that is of a bit better quality. Also added 2 new bellows as the originals had high pitch cuckoo and sounded terrible.
  4. Hi. I'm Anthony - with no expertise in horology,  just very interested. 

  5. AndyHull

    Timex electric

    Simple but effective. I presume the contacts are the weak point of the design.
  6. luiazazrambo

    clock stops if i put it back to the case

    Yes, yes in order to remove the top screw I had to release that level what you use to stop the alarm and the stop button too. Actually the top screw goes trough the outer case and the inside frame. The inside frame was also bent, so it was actually enough to put the top screw in and tighten it to stop the clock. I straightened up the bent and now the top screw is not an issue anymore. Hopefully I can sort this out, thanks for both of your comments.
  7. oldhippy

    Mark's video oiling escape teeth?

    You want How to service a mechanical watch part 3. Start at around 15 minutes
  8. oldhippy

    clock stops if i put it back to the case

    Follow what Nucejoe has said. This spring is doing nothing where it is. It should be at the other end of the arrow under neath
  9. I'm looking forward to part two of the series.
  10. Today
  11. Hi All I'm learning and have not yet tried oiling pallet stones or escape wheel teeth. I've read that Mark shows this in a video but I can't find it. Can someone point it out? Thank you Charlie
  12. TexasDon

    To mod or not

    Finally, the parts have just about dribbled in. I'm awaiting only the replacement dial and it's on US soil, inbound to me from the port of Los Angeles. It might reach me by Friday. So far, the case has been stripped, cleaned and polished. I've replaced the stock bezel with an aftermarket coin edge stainless steel model. After installing a new bezel gasket and a green insert, it snapped into place easily with a press. Next, I replaced the original flat mineral glass with a double domed, blue AR coated sapphire version. I have the replacement movement (Seiko 7S36, 23J) ready to go with the exception of installing the hands. They finally arrived from Australia after being in transit 39 days. I'll show them after the new dial is fitted.
  13. merci bien, very informative....
  14. yankeedog

    Timex electric

    Picked this one up off the bay.It's really brain dead simple. A mechanical switch engaged and disengaged by the balance energizes a coil that is alternately repelled and attracted to a permanent magnet.no sophisticated electronic devices..If you have ever worked on a car with a points distributor or a vacuum tube radio ,this is the watch for you.
  15. TexasDon

    Watch of Today

    I like skeleton watches and yours is a beaut. Several are currently listed on that well known auction site for sale but at 38mm diameter, it's a bit on the small size now for my eyesight. Still, I can appreciate the design. I've read that the backs aren't removable except by a factory service center (snicker). Was doing so difficult?
  16. Seiko ProspeX SRPC39J1 Ordered this over the weekend & what a deal !! 258 buck$ + free shipping & no tax !! (Actual baby turtle not included.)
  17. TexasDon

    Watch of Today

    My latest: It's a Geckota K-01 Pilot featuring a fully polished 44mm case, screw down crown and embossed back cover. The movement is a Seiko NH35 with hacking and stem winding but no date. The sterile dial with large numerals and seconds can be read easily. Amazing lume! The back shot is from the mfg's web site as I didn't want to disconnect the bracelet for a proper pic. Oddly enough, I've had my eye on this one for quite some time. The mfg'r just put these on sale last week. I was browsing another watch forum when this one was posted for sale at half the current discounted new price. The seller felt it was too large for his wrist so I snapped it up. As only 100 of each of this model in brown or blue dials were made, it isn't going to be common. The watch is also offered with ETA movements with other options. Additionally, the packaging was over the top. The box is wood, highly finished and leather lined. Oy!
  18. Nucejoe

    clock stops if i put it back to the case

    This is a case of pretension brought about by screws to the watch frame. Think of Pretensions as forces tending to deform, exerted to a restraint structure. It dosn,t mean you did anything wrong. Release pretensions by loosening all screws, tighten one at time, at any point you see the effect appear loosen the screw back go to another screw repeat the same. This is more like a game of finding out which screws misbehave, the watch will run when the game eliminates the faulty ones, next you may shim the faulty ones to behave. Good luck
  19. amazing attention to detail.
  20. AndyHull

    Watch of Today

    I haven't figured out exactly which model mine is yet. I did have a quick trawl on line, but it seems there are a lot of similar models, but nothing looking like an exact match so far. Here are a couple of closeups for anyone interested. As you can see there are still a couple of minor scratches here and there. It is tempting to over do the polishing, but I didn't want to change the look of the thing too much, I merely wanted it to look presentable. The lume on the hands is pretty good, when I removed it from under the light I used while taking those pictures, the lume was bright, even in a well lit room. The face is also very readable, all in all a well designed little watch. It is beginning to grow on me.
  21. ricardopalamino

    Watch of Today

    While I have seen the asking price on these all over the place , It is a well made watch with an ETA Movement , so hang in there until the right one comes along as they always seem to do .
  22. AndyHull

    Watch of Today

    That is a very nice example. I have bid on a couple of much scruffier ones, but so far not been lucky. If I can find one of those for the 404 club I'd be really chuffed. My quartz version has a steel spring/elasticated band (original swatch, but interestingly, made in Germany rather than Switzerland). That is a much nicer looking fixed link band on yours.
  23. michalsen

    Shaving a Jewel

    I watched your video on this earlier today. Very informative. Thank you.
  24. Hi *, I am a new with clock repairing, however I have successfully stripped down a few cleaned them and oiled them. This is what happened to this one too, however it stops when I put it back to the case and tighten the screws, if i take it out it runs well and keeps the time. It took me a while to realize it wasting hours to investigate the parts etc etc believing that I did something wrong. It still can be the case. Now i think that there is a tension here which slows down the clock and stops it but I don't know what can I do to resolve it. Did I put it together incorrectly? Best regards, Lui
  25. luiazazrambo

    broken mainspring

    For me it is important to learn how to repair the main spring or even measure the mean spring as i am a beginner, it would be nice to fix the clock/watch on top of that as a reward of my efforts. (as far as I can see i am going to be in trouble with the hairspring too)
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