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  2. I picked up these cool cuckoo clocks and want to restore them back to their former glory. Main Question I would like answered - Is there a motor I can buy to install to avoid having to wind them but also keep the main components inside. I want to keep the Sessions clock as our daily chimer but having to wind it every three days is a bit annoying. I don't want to gut the internal components because I love the look and authentic sound. I just wish there was an automatic winder I could install inside. Closest - Seth Thomas woodbury 1970 westminster chime made in Germany. Works perfectly. I am wondering what I can use to clean the wood with and metal bezel. Excellent condition. Seth Thomas 4505 movement, made in US around 1940s. Works perfectly. Style King, made in Germany. I have no idea how old it is? The back door is barely held on because the metal hinges are worn and the bezel is also poorly attached. Keeps decent time and chimes. Sessions, 1920-22 made in US. This is my favorite because it is the oldest, largest, and loudest. The back door is always open because the latch is missing. The bezel is a nice bronze but I would like to know what the best option is to make is cleaner and shine. Does anyone know the value? I picked them all up for $30 a piece.
  3. Well, I'm about to do it - pulling the trigger on a Sherline 4530A lathe, with a few accessories. I went back and forth between a watchmaker lathe and the Sherline several times in my mind, and finally landed on the Sherline. Reason being I want to be up and running making parts as easily as I can, and learning to use a graver freehand seems to be a bit of an impediment. I also have a manufacturing background, and am already familiar with using machine tools, although I'm not much of a machinist. And, as far as I can tell, I should be able to make just about any part that I need to on the Sherline. Just wanted to post here to give anyone who thinks I'm making a horrible mistake to chime in :-) Cheers!
  4. Watchmaker - I wish I would have read your comment earlier lol. I did in fact ruin the second hand with the tools. After ordering a new set of hands, the watch has been working perfectly! I love it and wear it daily.
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  6. This link goes a bit into the discoloration of glass by radiation and apparently is known as 'radiation browning' http://birns.com/uploads/file/Radiation-induced Discoloration.pdf The clock I saw it on had not worked for decades, had heavy radium paint on the hands and the hands had stayed in the same place over that time causing the discoloration of the glass inline with the hands.
  7. I agree the yellow is age and its not glass it's plastic, its the blackening above the hands I'm talking about. I only mentioned glass as the only other time I've seen this was on the glass of a clock with radium hands. I also agree owning it wouldn't be dangerous, and if you are careful with cleaning it would be safe to work on this watch, but I'm going to pass on this watch as the evidence points to it having more radium paint on it than usual.
  8. I finally got round to fitting a “proper” balance and it works great! I was a little worried at first as the timegrapher was showing snow, but managed to regulate it to at one point 2s/d and BE of 0.1 - so well happy [emoji2] The moral of the story if don’t be tight and get cheaper OEM parts.... [emoji2357] Thanks for all your input[emoji106] Regards Carl Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  9. Yikes! "I was told it will smoke when powered up" It sounds like someone has already let the Magic Smoke come out. You know, of course, that it won't work without it, and getting it back in is pretty tough :-)
  10. the ww 11 german panel clocks are very hot - will set off all the alarms, I have one that still glows in the dark. vin
  11. The so called glass has turned a yellow sort of colour, its plastic, it does this due to age. I can assure you, you will not glow in the dark.
  12. If the label said 12.68Z, what made you say they were for 12.68N? Regarding my own hands, my initial thought was that they were corroded. However, when you suggested they might be painted it got more confusing. They do have corrosion-esque texture, but it could very well be some kind of aged paint with patina. The color is a dark grey, without any discernible hints of the typical reddish/orange rust color. As for what type of hands I should have, I really don't know. Been trying to find an example of the same watch without much luck. When I bought it I somewhat figured it might be a redial, with someone adding the "Sport Chief" text to the dial. I've read some debates about Sport Chief redials on omegaforums, but they basically have two competing viewpoints; Sport Chief redials are common, typically to add value to watches with the popular 30L movement (which mine doesn't have), and Sport Chief redials are uncommon, as there is no real demand for Sport Chiefs. However, upon receiving the watch, the text is very uniform, has the exact same texture and color, the same protrusion and reflective properties. Still though, I can't find many pictures of Sport Chiefs with a painted logo instead of the typical metal insert. One of the closest matches I've found had straight hands with center gaps for lume, but the subdial on that one was still different from mine, so I didn't feel certain that those were the hands mine should have as well. Anywho, I somewhat enjoy the hunt for the truth, although it delays the process of fixing the watch up to a standard I can be happy with. Gonna add some more close up photos of the dial text/logo and hands, so whoever want to can chime in. Excuse the glare on this one, but it was the only way to capture the refraction/glare and protrusion in a picture. And the final one is a better lit close-up image of the hands.
  13. jdm


    Quartz modules can fail in the most unpredictable ways, circuit for this module is GBP 63, complete module 90, (prices + VAT from Cousins UK). Unless you can live without chrono working.
  14. Hi Guys I have an international ultrasonic valve driven the machine works ok but the ultrasonic does not, Bought as a project several years ago still waiting to be done. I will post some pics sometime.. As JerseyMo's one is a single valve, get stuck in and have a go, It might make a big bang so power it up in the yard.
  15. Hi I would check this out with a gieger counter.
  16. You stand a good chance of finding complete balance for it, as well as hairspring.
  17. You would need a compatible hairspring to vibrate the with this wheel, it would work even if not a dedicated hairspring, however, Building a complete balance that can deliver the split second accuracy expected out of Rolex is however a job for competent watchmaker, who would certainly go with genuine Rolex parts.
  18. Hello, Rolex doesn't list single hairsprings, only timed balance complete. You need part Rolex 2030-4432.
  19. Have a look at this military pocket watch from WWII. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Elgin-Military-GSTP-WWII-Pocket-Watch-1943-9-Jewels-size-16s/164090389422?hash=item26348ca3ae:g:0CEAAOSw0AxeTsCc Have a look at the photo of the dial it looks like the radium on the hands has blackened the crystal. I have seen this before on clocks with a lot of radium on the hands giving a purple tint to the glass dial, but never seen this on a watch before and never that dark. Has anyone else ever seen this on a watch before?
  20. As long as your competent with mains electricity wiring and your doing it just for yourself, go for it. I don't know what the electrical laws are in the USA, but in Australia you would actually need a restricted electrical lenience to work on something like that. A valve driven ultrasonic cleaner, that a first on me, I didn't even know they had been making them for that long.
  21. Hello. I have rolex 2030 with hair spring missing. Do you thing its possible to repair or it need new balance complete? Thank you
  22. We need the I D of the movement. If you don't know it, take photos of the complete movement back plate, remove hands and dial, a good clear photo of the keyless work will help us.
  23. I've never ever seen one until now. How old is that thing?
  24. Thank you all a lot for the help, I will watch the Videos you sent me and try to repair it that way. I also didn't find the missing peace. I will update you all when I am trying it.
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