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  2. Hey This is a favre leuba cal 253 .Can any one tell me were this spring goes to return the clutch lever. If i put it were i think it goes (see first pic). The wheel don't fit right. it to high , the setting bridge wont locate. But i cannot see were else to put it. any suggestions. Or diagrams. cheers gary
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  4. Well guys, I took the risk with the air technique, but also bore in mind Marc's guidance, so made sure I was as delicate as possible... Crystal came out with no damage and I was able to fully reassemble the watch. Thank you to everyone that took the time to give advice, very much appreciated. One last thing, on the watch the second hand is the lower sub-dial, the large second hand is a chronograph. This watch was repaired a number of years ago and when it was returned the chronograph hand was at the 3rd increment, instead of at 12. When I reassembled the watch today I took care to place all hands pointing towards 12. I started the chronograph and it jumped back to the 3rd increment and stopped moving. Starting it again it works as normal, but again from the 3rd increment. Reseting the chronograph the hand returns back to the third increment, like in the attached photo. Any idea what may be causing this?
  5. I think it could pop out with a 10cc syringe. There are suction type tools but no idea if they really work. https://www.aliexpress.com/item/4000071522725.html
  6. That's not good. I would be very cautious of any approach that would cause the crystal to flex. Sapphire glass doesn't take kindly to bending.
  7. The crystal is domed glass, apparently sapphire. There also seems to be no bezel on the watch, the case is one piece with no distinguishable seem where a bezel will attach. I suspect that the crystal is press fit into the case.
  8. Just Currently $113 if one can accept a longer delivery time. https://www.aliexpress.com/item/4000111340270.html
  9. i have the timegrapher app is complete utter garbage, esp if you are using the headphones as the amp. spend $150 and get a cheap timegrapher 1000, they work well for the price and are suitable for the beginner. the double clicking sound is it only in certain positions? worn down pallet pivots/balance staff, broken balance/pallet pivot jewels, bent staff, mis-shaped or untrue balance wheel can cause the safety roller to rub against the pallet in certain positions and can sound like double clicking. Does the extra click sound a little louder like metal on metal grinding?
  10. Yes, you have much misread my reply which simply stated two simple facts. Don't blame forum misunderstandings when you are the first to use explicit aggressiveness.
  11. Thanks to all that replied! I removed the balance wheel and made sure everything was clean there and then put it back on. Seems to be working fine now. Thanks again!
  12. I'm getting this little honey out of layaway today. It's a 70s Omega F300hz. It will be my first Omega and the single most expensive watch I own.
  13. Hi, thanks for your response. This was helpful in learning and gaining some help from the veterans and professionals here. FWIW I’m simply a hobbyist having fun and learning. Have not claimed to be anything I’m not. And I literally said I’m happy to provide more and better pics of anything to help see something. Instead of passive-aggressively replying it would have been far more beneficial and kind to simply say, “It’s hard to see ______, can you please add better pictures of ______?” If you find these help wanted post annoying, you always have the option of not replying or even reading. If I misread you reply, sorry. Forums can be hard to judge sometimes.
  14. Here is the inside of the case back and the watch innards.. Omega 620 movement.
  15. A July? 1960 "Gold" Timex - Marlin? (possibly), hopefully joining the 404 club soon. This appears to be made in Germany. Anybody know what the caliber is?
  16. "service AND repair" both require "tools". i recomend the highest quality tools for the "best results". Merry Christmass, vin
  17. If I had the choice between the Seiko and the Timex.... I'd take both.
  18. Only one "watchmaker" in town and I have had limited experience with him. It's a combination pawn and watch/clock repair shop. When I first opened the back, the entire movement lifted out with the back. That's why I asked if anyone knew if this watch originally had some sort of movement ring as I've never seen a watch that didn't. That said, there doesn't seem to be enough room inside the case for one. I know the ladies watches are not valued as highly and it took a couple tries to close the back so reticent to reopen it but may try and get a pic later today.
  19. The slope of the dots shows the rate. If its gaining it will slant up if its loosing time it will slant down, i would prefer to see a slight slant going up but the more straight it is the better the rate is the dots stand for beat, the closer they are the less the beat error the farther apart they are the higher the beat error. Sometimes beat error can get screwy if you are not in a very silent place when timing the watch, also make sure its secure and laying evenly on the amp. The amplitude looks good i would expect to see a lower amp at dial crown up/down. 270 is best but your pretty much right there. So beat error could be machine picking up sounds and rate de-escalation could mean the balance needs to be regulated. beat error- check roller jewel at a rest without pallet installed. The jewel should lay perfectly in the middle of the two bank pins. You don’t need to adjust the roller since the as1951 has a balance stud. Turn the stud until roller rests in the middle of the pins. This should also help with rate too if your power reserve in the MS is fine. But if doesn’t then the problem lies in the mainspring which could def be the issue here since you didn’t replace the spring which is needed every time an service/overhaul is done. This is just the most common resolutions to your issues but there could be other deep seeded underlying issues such as improper oiling, side shakes/end shakes, etc. also never oil the pallet pivots.
  20. And be charged 20% + handling fees at Customs. Prices are lower in the USA (no VAT) and Canada (10% ?) exactly because of that.
  21. I have be honest I didn't check Timex UK, and like you say @AndyHull it's a bit cheeky stinging us Brits a premium price. At £229 it's pushing the outer limits of reasonable and entering into much more competetive territory, I guess best option is to buy it from Canada if it's what you want.
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