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  • Watch Servicing & Repair

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    Books about general watch service and repair

    9 books in this category

    1. Practical Watch Repairing
      By: Donald De Carle

      Considered by many to be the watch repairers bible. Here is a unique book. It describes the theories and processes of repairing and adjusting the modern watch in precise and meticulous detail: a thing which has never been done so completely before in the many books on the same subje...

    2. Watch Repair For Beginners: An Illustrated How-to-Guide for the Beginner Watch Repairer
      By: Harold C. Kelly

      First written by the definitive expert in 1957, Watch Repair for Beginners is the ideal book for anyone who wants to know how to fix their own watch. Learn what horology is; the basics of watch and clock repairing; the mechanics of a clock; how the wheels work; the ...

    3. Practical Watch Adjusting
      By: Donald de Carle

      No writer can have added more volumes to the horological bookshelf than Donald de Carle, and his careful and detailed approach to the technical side of the craft has done a great deal to improve the standard of knowledge of a host of craftsmen, and has gained him re...

    4. Mechanical and Quartz Watch Repair
      By: Mick Watters

      Mechanical and Quartz Watch Repair" is targeted primarily at those who want to learn about watch repair, and features movements that are representative of those found in other watches. The easy to follow instructions are appropriate to both professional repairers an...

    5. Complicated Watches and Their Repair
      By: Donald de Carle

      Dealing with a complicated watch used to be a rare job for the watch repairer, but with the popularity of the automatic, it is almost commonplace. Furthermore, the increased interest in calendar work, alarm watches, and chronographs will undoubtedly bring more and m...

    6. The Pocket Watch: Restoration, Maintenance and Repair
      By: Christopher S. Barrow

      An updated and revised edition of this practical guide--the book the author wished he had on hand at the start of his 20 years cleaning and repairing pocket watches Using as examples six of the most typical types of watch from a period spanning the late 18th century to th...

    7. The Practical Watch Escapement
      By: George Daniels

      One of George Daniels' central contributions to horology is his co-axial escapement. Having observed that the dominant lever escapement begins to change its rate after a year or two - a disturbance caused by the sliding action of the impulse elements of the escapeme...

    8. Watch Repairing as a Hobby: An Essential Guide for Non-Professionals
      By: D W Fletcher

      An unabridged reproduction of the work as it was originally published in 1948 by a London publisher, Watch Repairing as a Hobby remains, more than half a century later, an indispensable guide to understanding how watches work. Starting at the very basics of watch operati...

    9. The Watch Repairer's Manual
      By: Henry B. Fried

      As The New York Times wrote after his death, Henry B. Fried was "widely acknowledged as the dean of American watchmakers." In the revised, 1961 edition of his classic book The Watch Repairer's Manual, r...

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