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1 minute ago, noirrac1j said:

Bulova made some funky watches in the 70's...Nice!

thanks guys. this is the jet star. i've seen them with red on the hands, too. but always with the blue painted bezel.

bulova was NOT afraid to go out on the limb design-wise.

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I just finished servicing this Angelus Alarm watch that was given to me by a seller at the local swap meet . It has an AS 1475 movement that is used in other Swiss watches and is cloned in Russian Poljot watches with Cal. 2612.1




I found the Angelus watch movement interesting to work on so I got this Poljot at a pretty good "Make Offer " price .

Actually , all the Russian Alarm watches were very reasonable ,...but if course their movements are not as finished looking as the AS 1475 .

Screen shot 2017-01-22 at 3.09.27 PM.png

Screen shot 2017-01-22 at 3.09.38 PM.png

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    • By Paul78
      Evening all. 
      Would anyone be able to tell me if the ratchet wheel from the Omega 2500c and the ETA 2892.A2 are the same? i've been having a look at cousins and the part for the Omega 2500c seems to be coming up as - Ratchet Wheel, Frederik Piquet 0021 31.020 priced at just over £14.
      However the Omega 2500c is based on the ETA 2892.A2 and the ratchet wheel for that is - Ratchet Wheel ( 415 ), ETA 2890 priced at £8.95
      Its the Co-axial Movement.
      Thanks for any advice.
    • By OmarHaltam
      I have a ladies Omega Seamaster from the 80' Cal. 684 that i cleaned, oiled and installed a new mainspring in it.
      it is running 12-15 min slow per day. I will put a picture of the amplitude screen shot.
      i am new to watch repairing so any help and suggestions welcome.

    • By R1C4
      I have an Omega Speedmaster 1861 which is gaining 55-60 seconds per day. How can you tell if the watch needs a service or just regulating? I have checked the watch for magnetism and it is not magnetised. The watch was originally purchased in 2010. I only wear the watch a few times per month.
      I have made a short video of the watch on a Timegrapher .
      Any suggestions / comments would be most appreciated.
    • By CamBusby
      Hello all,
      I'm in desperate need to find servicing within a reasonable price range for my two omega constellations f300hz. I'm having a very hard process of finding a place that will actually service these watches besides omega itself. Omega's servicing for these watches start at 1200.00 a pop + nearly half a year wait time; quite expensive and time consuming..Does anyone on here recommend a place to get these watches serviced stateside..It would be great if they are in NYC too.
      This young watch collector would be so appreciative if someone could help out.
    • By Claytonc
      This is another one of my Grandfather’s watches. It had stopped running years ago. I decided to take the back off and have a look.
      First thing I noticed was a rusty crown shaft and one of the screws that holds the movement was rusty also. I removed the crown and the watch from the case. When I removed the crown it started running. 

      I removed the rust from the crown and screw and reinstalled the crown with some lubrication. It has been running and keeping pretty good time for 3 days now.
      Help Request: I would like to ask for some help and guidance for finding the proper crystal for this watch. I have searched and searched but I can not match any of the numbers I have to anything I have found online. This really has me stumped. Here is the information I have with a few pictures also.
      Omega Seamaster Calendar Calibre: 502 Movement Serial Number: 17073574 Numbers inside case: KX6275 E76553
      If anyone could steer me in the right direction to locate the proper crystal I would appreciate it.
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    • I hadn't though of it like that, thank you!  Perhaps I should rummage through my scrap bin...
    • I suppose it's better the movements are used for something that gives pleasure rather than put in the bin.  At least folk are then appreciating the beauty of the movements that are otherwise hidden in cases when they were functional. Now where did I put my cuff links?
    • I also bought a small bottle to clean the hairsprings on Hamilton Electric watch balances . The balance also has a coil attached that i wouldn't want to submerge in any cleaning solution , so I use a glass eyedropper to place the solution only on the hairspring and use a delicate ladies cosmetic brush to clean the spring and my blower to dry it. I'll repeat a few times . Seems to work , just use a light touch .
    • The Wife and I are National Trust members and we love the freedom of "we're bored, the kids need air" impromptu trips to local sites.  The annual membership is a pittance when you consider the free parking and access to history (and some rather nice walks and tea-rooms). Whilst at Scotney Castle yesterday we found, in the gift shop, a jewellery maker who used old watch parts to make charms, pendants and brooches.  Now I've seen ladies watch mechanisms turned into cuff-links before but there was an old gents wristwatch movement here, (unmarked and faceless) turned into a necklace/pendant. What "upset" me more were the brooches.  Old, enameled dials, in sizes from Gent's wrist to various pocket watch.  On the back they had epoxy-ed(?) a brooch-pin.  Some of these dials were marked and there were several that I recognise from past eBay sales as being from makers active in the 19th and 20th centuries ("J. W. Benson" stood out). I realise that there must be a market, or they wouldn't stock them.  But it strikes me as "wrong"?
    • This is one of these threads that if discussed across a table would take a  different path.  It is not always easy to put across your exact feelings in a manner that you want, and as such it misconceptions and irritation can result. Ishima has asked me to lock this thread and I agree.  The last thing that he or any of us wanted, is this to turn into one of these runaway vociferous threads.   The tread is now locked!